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'Yes, to Sitges' is the new tourism recovery campaign

The campaign, which will be kicking off today, is divided into phases that will be implemented as de-escalation evolves and the destination starts to return to normal life.

Today the Sitges Town Council’s Department of Tourism is launching a new tourism promotion campaign for the destination, mainly focused on attracting near-home tourism and visitors especially from Catalonia, the rest of Spain and Southern France.


The Mayor of Sitges and Town Councilwoman for Tourism, Aurora Carbonell, points out that “for now, the current circumstances of the state of alarm and the progressive evolution of the pullback on restrictions in the Covid-19 pandemic don’t allow us to specify the services that Sitges will have to offer, but we are committed to promoting what we have, our town and all its charms. What is for sure is that we will be able to enjoy Sitges”.


The 'Yes, to Sitges' campaign wishes to emphasize the end of the NOs. The Mayor of Sitges stresses that “for many weeks, and for the common good, so many NOs have been heard in our everyday life. Very responsibly, a strict lockdown has been accepted, which has served to ensure that the consequences of this pandemic are as minimal as possible. But now a new phase begins marked by a progressive pullback on restrictions over the next two months. Now it’s time to think YES ".

'Yes, to Sitges' is a fundamentally emotional campaign. The objective is to explain that Sitges is the best option for families, couples, cosmopolites, gourmets and lovers of enchanting destinations.

Likewise, 'Yes, to Sitges' wishes to encourage Sitgetans’ pride in becoming both destination “ambassadors” and “Sitges visitors".


'Yes, to Sitges' spotlights concepts such as joy, light, proximity, sustainability and safety and, to do so, four campaign development phases have been established. Today, phase 0 begins with the presentation of 'Yes, to Sitges' in contrast to the NOs from these past months. The next three phases will work on attributes such as solidarity, sustainability and, above all, safety. Because the Town Council and the tourism sector are working together to establish safety mechanisms and guarantee our safety on the beaches, safety in restaurants and shops, safety in hotels and nighttime leisure establishments, and safety all throughout the town. Pleasure attractions such as the beach, culture, sports, business and leisure, among others, will also be another of the phases when the 'Yes, to Sitges' campaign will be activated and emphasis will also be placed on the rediscovery of Sitges by Sitges residents themselves.


The 'Yes, to Sitges' campaign will gradually and continuously show images and messages aimed at encouraging the fact that Sitges is one of the best vacation options for 2020.

To this end, a manifesto has been developed to underpin the campaign:



A word we’ve heard a lot this year.

A necessary no that has been a part of our everyday life.

Of our loved ones. Of our habits.

Of the way of we work and interact.

A no that, on the other hand, has made us look forward more than

ever to saying yes.

To saying yes to being more supportive. To saying yes to sharing, to giving


To collaborating.

A yes, to not stop thinking about what makes us happy.

To not giving up anything.

A yes to continuing to dream.

Yes, in Sitges.


The campaign will mainly be launched online in the already active social media and will fit in perfectly alongside the already well-established #Sitgesanytime concept. It will also include a new video that will be released this week.


Gradually and based on the decisions made by the authorities and the town’s reality, positive messages will be incorporated about everything that Sitges has to offer visitors, making it clear that no matter what, Sitges always is and will always be a great holiday destination.


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    23 May 2020
    Vous êtes des femmes et des hommes Espagnols très courageux !!!! Vous êtes très motivés et vous vous battez contre ce terrible virus, vous ne baissez pas les bras et vous allez gagner !!!! En cette période très difficile, vous avez dû perdre de nombreux habitants mais la vie continue même si le cœur est lourd !!!! Bonne continuation à Vous Toutes et Tous. Avec toute mon admiration. Françoise de Grenoble
  2. Nasser Azli
    22 May 2020
    Bonne continuation et bon courage !!!
  3. Moderador
    8 May 2020
    Thank you Michael!
  4. Michael
    8 May 2020
    Loved the concept, great work.