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Literary Route Around Sitges

Sitges is an inspiring place for writers. The muses love this little corner of the Mediterranean, which not only sparks ideas and stories, but also becomes the setting for many novels. Today we propose an interactive literary tour. Leisurely walking, observing and listening to a podcast that tells us about Modernisme, pirates, film... and Marilyn Monroe.

 'Sitges de novela' is a particularly sensorial route: you see, hear and feel. Consequently, in order to be able to hear the podcast we'll need our cell phone and (preferably) a pair of headphones. Following this link you will find five locations, each one accompanied by its respective podcast. In addition, you can obtain the map of this literary route at the Sitges Tourist Information Office.


In order from one to five, the route includes the following locations and associated with them, these novels and their respective authors:


  1. Fragata Beach.
    'El pirata de cala Morisca' (The Morisca Cove Pirate) by David Martí, 2018 Néstor Luján Historical Novel Prize Winner
  2. Racó de la Calma.
    'El secreto de Picasso' (Picasso's Secret), (Ediciones 62 / Umbriel) by Francesc Miralles
  3. Casino Prado Suburense.
    El homenaje  (Columna) [The Homage] by Xulio Ricardo Trigo, 2017 Néstor Luján Historical Novel Prize Winner
  4. Primer de Maig Street (popularly known as 'Sin Street').
    ‘El día que murió Marilyn’ (The Day Marilyn Died),  by Terenci Moix (Ediciones 62, 1969)
  5. Vidal-Quadras' Bastion.
    'A pulp novel' (A Pulp Novel), by Damià del Clot (Libros del Delito).


 Raco de la Calma.jpg


During this literary walk we will be accompanied by the voice of one of the best writers of historical novels in Catalonia, the journalist Marti Gironell, whose calm but deep voice makes the experience even more immersive. Martí, when creating this route, pointed out that "the intention is to be able to read Sitges with different eyes, to admire its landscape and its stories as they have been captured by different authors at different times in its history"


Along the way, pirates will appear, we will remember and see the legacy of the 'Americanos' - Sitges locals who made their fortune mainly in Cuba- we will discover the town's more 'rascally' side and, of course, there will be film, lots of film, with an important role for the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia... and Marilyn Monroe, naturally ;).


The idea is to stop at each place indicated on the map, to open our eyes while Martí Gironell provides us with the context of the reason for that space and that novel. And then close it when he reads us a fragment.


Apart from this literary route that you can do on your own, Sitges' Museums offer another one focused on the Modernisme scenes that Santigo Rusiñol and Joan Maragall shared between 1893 and 1898. The tour starts at Station Square and continues on to the Casino Prado Suburense, Jesús and Àngel Vilda streets, the monument to Rusiñol himself, on Sant Sebastià Beach and the Cau Ferrat Museum, to end at the monument to El Greco on Paseo de la Ribera seafront boulevard.  In this case, if you're interested, you have to contact Sitges' Museums directly to coordinate the day, time and language.


Cau Ferrat


So, this chapter has reached its end. But the story continues in Sitges, and you are the protagonists. We 'read' you attentively… ;)



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