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The Best Ways to Enjoy Sitges by Boat

Sitges has a salty taste, a blue color and a gentle, warm breeze all year round. Sitges is sea and it's Mediterranean. That's why one of the best ways to explore the town is by boat: it changes your point of view and changes your sensations and emotions. In addition, there is a wide and varied range of options, both for sailing and for before and after, of course…

There are always reasons to come or return to Sitges. And one of the most attractive is, without a doubt, its blue side. Yes, you have to try it, because Sitges by boat is a unique experience. For starters, it changes your point of view: the skyline is spectacularly silhouetted against the sky, with 'la Punta' (The Point) and the Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla parish church as a reference point and the Garraf Park as a backdrop. In addition, a boat allows you to explore wilder and more remote coves, including Home Mort (Dead Man’s) Beach or Desenrocada Cove, at one end, or Morisca Cove at the other.


It would also be a rare occasion if the day you decide to get on board, the sun didn't accompany you. Add the Mediterranean breeze to that and close your eyes... you're here already, aren't you?




As we were saying, the range of options is wide and varied. On the one hand, you can rent a boat trip or tour with or without a skipper, because there are boats that you can sail without a license. And on the other hand, you can add more or less features to the experience: alone, in a group, with a crew, with food, half day, full day, on a sailboat, on a catamaran... the only problem, like always in Sitges, is making your choice.


One of the places where there is a greater supply of boat rentals is the Port de Sitges-Aiguadolç Marina, which is also very close to downtown Sitges, so it can be reached quickly and comfortably on foot.  Albert Bertran, director of communications at the Marina, provides us with even more reasons to visit this emblematic spot in the town, and that has to do with variety: "Yes, because the range of boat rental services has grown significantly and has also diversified, so there are activities for all tastes, with the option of tailoring the service to suit your needs as much as you like". Albert also reminds us that the Port de Sitges-Aiguadolç Marina has a yacht club, is the headquarters of the Sitges Fishermen's Association, and is also home to the first adapted sailing school opened in Spain. Or would you prefer to rent a jet ski or try parasailing - attached to a parachute and towed by a boat? Then this is also the Marina for you, so don't worry.


If you have your own boat -congratulations, that's the main thing- some relevant news: the Marina has improved its mooring area, which will now be much wider. Additionally, if your boat is 20 to 30 meters long, you now have a new dock specially designed to maneuver comfortably.




And another added -and differentiating- advantage of the Port de Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina is that it has some of the best gastronomic and leisure options on the coast. And the good thing is that on top of this, it's being improved, as the 14 existing restaurants will now be joined by new spots to enjoy a vermouth, continue with a good afternoon snack or have the first drinks of the night. Oh, and a heads up for music lovers and festival-goers: this summer, every Saturday in July, there will be concerts in the Marina. As Albert says, "the land side of the Marina is just as attractive as the sea side". That's the real truth.


So, a boat and Sitges, an unbeatable combination. Before, during and after, you will always have the wind at your back... ;)

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