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The Rainbow Tour will show you the most queer Sitges

With the Sitges Rainbow Tour you will visit the most unknown part of Sitges through the footprints of artists, vedettes and celebrities of the LGTBIQ+ collective and their lives.

You already know that Sitges is a proud, open and welcoming town. But where does the love between Sitges and the collective come from? How did Sitges go from being a small town dedicated to the marina and vineyards to being an international tourist destination and recognized everywhere for its atmosphere? What role did art, parties and festivals play? And how did that spirit survive Franco's regime? All this and much more is what you will be told during the guided tour of the Rainbow Route.


Who is this route for?

For curious people who want to know the history of Sitges that has remained on the fringes of the more touristy, postcard image.


Why should you do it?

To get to understand what there is beyond the culture, parties, terraces, restaurants and beach of Sitges. Its idiosyncrasy, the way of being of its people.


What does the route consist of?
The tour starts in front of the train station, ends at the memorial against homophobia on the Paseo Marítimo, the 'Pink Triangle', and lasts almost 2 hours. The secrets of its streets, balconies, impossible passages and unique spaces will be uncovered; the strangest stories and the funniest anecdotes will be uncovered alongside the terrible and tragic urban legends. The tour includes a stop at the headquarters of Color Sitges Link.


Who does the route?

The route is carried out by volunteers from the Color Sitges Link (CLS) association, a non-profit association created in 2011 and very involved in the welfare of the community and in different social and cultural activities such as the LGTBIQ+ Endimaris film festival or the Sitges Queer Fest.

The costs and benefits of the Rainbow Tour go entirely to cover the support programmes for the Sitges community promoted by the CLS association. With your contribution you help to make Sitges the best place to live and defend the rights of LGTBIQ+ people.


When can you do it?

There are dates set in the calendar that you can check here.

The visit is for groups of between 5 and 12 people. You can also request tailor-made guided tours and other special routes such as the Queer Special, Pepito Zamora or the feminist and feminine route of the Sitgetan women.


And in what languages is it done?

Normally it is done in Catalan and Spanish. But it is also possible to do the tour in other languages. Again, you'll have to talk to the organisers to do it in English, French or Italian.


An urban walk that will change the way you look at Sitges and perhaps even the way you think (in colour), do and move. Get out of the way. Go to the margins.


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