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Sitges in 1 day

Sitges adapts to you. Seriously. It depends on what you like, what you feel like at any given time, when you come and who you come with, but Sitges embraces you. Even if you can only come for one day. Because everything is so close. Because everything is already in your own senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste. And attention: a sixth sense is developed here, stimulated by the other five: a gestural one... in the form of a smile :)

It goes without saying that recommending the best of Sitges to experience in 1 day is very seasonal. And seeing as it's August, and knowing that you need to prioritize so you can have time for everything and enjoy everything at the right pace for you, we've taken into account that the heat is both a good friend for some experiences and a not so good friend for others.


Likewise, we wouldn't want to restrict you by establishing a schedule for your day. That doesn't fit in with Sitges or our attitude of cheerful improvisation. Your senses rule. So, with no rhyme (but with plenty of reason), we are sharing six suggestions as a starting point. Where you arrive, where you turn, where you get lost, where you change your plans, is between you and Sitges.


Visit our museums

Well, yes, they are unique. We never get tired of reiterating this, but our museums embody the essence of Catalan Modernisme, both in form and in substance. The Cau Ferrat is a little big gem, an essential benchmark not only of Modernisme, but also of 19th and 20th century art. Santiago Rusiñol's former home in itself already deserves a visit. But his collection should be a magnet, with works by Santiago Rusiñol himself and Ramon Casas (the principal representatives of Catalan and Spanish modernism), by Zuloaga, Utrillo or Pichot. This gift is rounded off by two original pieces by El Greco and five by Picasso.


Oh, and some good news (very good): our guided tours of the Palau de Maricel are back: a-total-must-see! Online reservations and tickets on the Museus de Sitges website.


Discover the old town

Sight and touch come together in this stroll around Sitges' historical legacy. Small cobblestone streets flanked by Modernista palaces and buildings, and with the sea always nearby. Here, with your permission,  we do share a little information with you regarding the main streets and squares. Because if you know the history, the stones will speak to you... However, as I said before: start and finish your route wherever you like. The departure or the arrival point will probably involve Baluard Square, an illustrious promontory in our skyline featuring the Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Church.


An appetizer at a beach bar

Right, of course, in the summer, the beach. And in Sitges you can pick and choose: 26 altogether, spread out over 17 kilometers of coastline. Because different strokes... and beaches... for different folks. Most of them have beach bars, where the breeze, bare feet and the view of the sea lend a unique dimension to the sense of taste (and to the sense of gesture), obviously.


Xató, rice and Malvasia for lunch

An appetizer is to whet your appetite. Then it's time for lunch. And dining in Sitges is always a gift. And a unique gift as well if we choose a menu where three delightful ingredients with their own designation of origin coexist: a Xató  for starters (this salad's dressing can "drive you crazy"), Sitges-style rice as your main course and Malvasia wine (unique in the world) to accompany it.


A walk along the seaside promenade and shopping

A walk along the promenade of promenades in Sitges takes place with the sea as a companion, of course. And as you stroll along the Passeig de la Ribera, the beaches and their different atmospheres appear one after the other. On the other side, the streets invite you to walk a ways up them and get lost, stopping in some of the local shops. As with practically everything in this town, shopping in Sitges is a special sensory experience: colors, smells, tastes and the local character with original products. And don't worry if you come on a Sunday. Sitges is always open.


Well, with all of this, we think you have more than enough to make the most of a day in Sitges. The important thing isn't the duration as much as the intensity. Writer and activist James Baldwin said that 'the challenge is in the moment: the time is always now'. And that's a challenge between you and Sitges.


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