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Terramar Gardens, elegance in green

Sitges is blue and white. But it's also green. Green, above all, thanks to the Garraf Park, but also to a unique urban, centenary, elegant, Noucentista, family-oriented park that is open to the town and its visitors: the Terramar Gardens. It's a space that serves both to unwind and to inspire you...100% Sitges, of course.

Let's get you situated (yes, a little bit of historical context, but not overwhelming): the Terramar Gardens were inaugurated in 1919 and were part of an ambitious project: the Terramar Garden City. Behind this idea: entrepreneur Francesc Armengol, architect Josep Maria Martino and multifaceted artist Miquel Utrillo, who envisioned a sophisticated urban complex with different facilities (including a large casino and Versailles-style gardens). The garden city concept that inspired them was intended to bring a harmonious counterpoint to the urban fabric of cities.


The project was only half completed, since no large casino was ever built in the middle of the sea (which would have been accessible from the beach). But the garden did take shape though, where the main protagonist was (and still is) the central pond, surrounded by stone benches and with a romantic, period air that is still alive today. The person responsible for designing it was Miquel Utrillo, a Modernista agitator who left an indelible legacy in Sitges: he directed the works at the Maricel Palace and what was once his residence now houses the Santiago Rusiñol Library.


The Terramar gardens, located at 20-26 Cristóbal Colon Street, next to the golf course and very close to Les Anquines beach, were (and still are) designed as an open and dynamic space, with a native green thanks to its Mediterranean vegetation. They also contain a small children's playground and a picnic area. In addition, its name (check it out on Google) has been associated for years with one of the most important music festivals of the summer season in Catalonia: the Festival Jardins de Terramar.


Looking forward to the concerts to be held in the gardens this summer, the Terramar Gardens are still open to the public: from 9 am to 7 pm, from September 15 to June 15, and from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm in the summer season. At any time of the year, this space preserves its original soundtrack of footsteps and swaying branches, leisurely strolls, family moments of relaxation and budding... or reaffirmed love affairs. Because in these gardens, you unwind... or you get inspired ;)

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