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Aiguadolç Beach in Sitges: Welcome Wave Riders

There are days when the Mediterranean wakes up extremely active, rocking boards and causing a beckoning effect for surfing fans. In the case of Sitges, the best spot and the most frequented by wave riders is the Aiguadolç Beach in Sitges. But if surfing isn't your thing, you'll like the beach just the same: family-friendly, with services, a wild appearance and right next to one of the liveliest marinas in Catalonia, the Port de Sitges - Aiguadolç. Again, we (you) have more than enough reasons to come

The good thing about Sitges' Aiguadolç beach is that it's ideal for beginning surfers as it usually has low impact waves. But it's also true that surfers with more experience in tubes agree in highlighting the Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina’s famous right hollow. So, whatever your level, welcome to Sitges, wave riders.


If your intention is to get professional guidance to start or improve your level, at the same beach you will find, from April to November, the headquarters of the Sitges Surf Club. It is a non-profit club that was created to initiate, instruct and train children, young people and the not so young (it's never too late if the wave is good) in the practice of surfing and skateboarding.



Having made the presentation, we remind you once again that the Mediterranean is usually a calm sea - 'flat', in the surfing jargon -, so days can go by without waves inviting you to bring out your surfboard. But as is always the case in Sitges, fun has a thousand different faces. And if you can't surf, you'll enjoy the swimming and the scenery, because Aiguadolç Beach -also known as Marina Beach-, meets all picture postcard requirements: half-moon shape, sea horizon and mountains covered with vegetation that give it a natural atmosphere, very non-urban -although walking it's only 20 minutes away from the Saint Bartholomew and Saint Tecla Church along the Balmins promenade - according to Google Maps. This beach is also an excellent starting point to explore Garraf's coves by kayak or to discover hidden corners in a relaxed way on a board thanks to paddle surfing.


More advantages of this beach: a beach bar right on the sand (La Marina Beach Bar) ideal for a drink, hammock service for those who want the sand beneath them and lifeguard service all season long. And if you want more, we have it: next to Aiguadolç Beach you’ll find the Port de Sitges – Aiguadolç Marina, an essential walkway to soak up Sitges' atmosphere, whether strolling beside the moorings, eating at one of its restaurants or exploring the narrow, white streets of the fishing village, the only one of its kind located inside a marina on the entire Catalan coast, and which is inspired by those of the French Riviera. Another note to add more color to your visit: the Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina is the headquarters of the Sitges Fishermen's Association, the second oldest in Spain, where you can go to learn for yourself about the artisanal fishing methods that are still alive and well in our town.


A quick conclusion but one that's duly explained in the previous lines: with or without a board, whether you ride the waves surfing or simply a towel, Aiguadolç Beach deserves you ;)


Photography: Núria Cantí (@amorquealimenta.official)
Video: @ivansiliu (surfista, marc.sanllehy)


  1. Moderador
    18 March 2021
    Hi Keith, totally agree with you, that is an excellent plan!
  2. keith lowes
    18 March 2021
    on the way to town you can also stop at The Bonanza or walk down to the San Sebastion . It's a nice walk with stopping off places on the way.

    de camino al pueblo también puede parar en La Bonanza o caminar hasta San Sebastion. Es un agradable paseo con paradas en el camino. ( google translate )