Sitges Tourism

Malvasia Power: Wine Tastings and Inspiration

Sitges has many flavors. But its sweet touch is provided by its characteristic local wine: Sitges Malvasia. The thing is, this wine has so many nuances and so much history attached to it, that the Sitges Malvasia Interpretation Center (CIM) has decided to empower it publicly. How? Welcome to the Malvasia Power tastings.

The name itself is already pretty illustrative. And if you sign up for one of their tastings, you will notice that this 'power' is contagious from the moment you are welcomed by Alba Gràcia, coordinator of the CIM, historian and passionate about her work. With a bright smile and an understanding expression, she has a harmonious and modulated voice that helps her to "dramatize" her remarks that, on the day we went, started like this: “Welcome to this new wine tasting event through which we defend the cultural aspect of oenology as well as the empowerment of Malvasia, which has already begun and, I can assure you, has a long road to travel". Of course, this is like a good start to a book: if it reels you in, you let yourself be carried away. And Alba reels you in from the get-go... and accompanies you on this journey.


And yes, the parallelism is absolutely justified: Malvasia Power's wine tastings are a journey. A geographical, historical, literary and, of course, personal journey (wine is a very individual emotion). During the tasting we were lucky enough to attend, we sweetened our palate with five different wines, starting the route in Sant Pere de Ribes, then an imaginary flight to Lanzarote, a stop off in the untamed Madeira and a return to Sitges with a stopover in the Empordà region. And along the way, historical references (the Almogavars and the 'Americanos' attended the tasting) and also literary ones, with the names of authors who have written and blessed the virtues of Malvasia. We spoke of a certain William Shakespeare, but also of Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Joanot Martorell and Tirso de Molina. And in closing, Alba Gràcia, emulating Santiago Rusiñol, reminded us that love at first sight also applies to certain places... and certain wines.


Along the inspirational journey captained by Alba Gràcia there is a co-pilot who helps to add flavors and nuances, to find the right words for each tasting. We are talking about David Martínez, one of the first sommeliers in Sitges, thanks to whom we learned, for example, that there are naturally sweet wines and sweet natural wines. And that a good white wine doesn't need to be cold to be fresh, that's what its acidity is for. Yes, acidity in a sweet wine. A contrast that identifies Sitges Malvasia and gives it a personality that is very typical of this town: sweet but acidic, honest and fun. And long in the mouth...and in the memory.


Okay, let's be more succinct and practical: where to find information and how to sign up for the Malvasia Power wine tastings? Well, the best way is always to turn to the original source: the website of the Celler Hospital de Sitges, a venue which, by the way, is in itself both a very historic and inspirational sampling. By now you know that, if you join us, what awaits you is an intense journey, sweet but acidic, golden and with a taste of peach, apricot, pear and melon, and nuts as well. The Mediterranean in a glass… now that's 'power' ;)