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The Sitges ‘Terramar Gardens Music Festival’ concerts are back

A summer without concerts is like a cloudy day: you still go out, but it's a lot less motivating. That's why we have to celebrate the fact that the sun is shining brighter and brighter this July and August when it comes to the musical lineup: The Sitges Terramar Gardens Music Festival is back. The lineup is epic and clearly showcasing national artists. So don't waste any time, because tickets are selling like hotcakes!

Seriously though, if you're interested in any of the concerts scheduled for this year's edition of the Terramar Gardens Music Festival, leave your doubts for when it’s time to decide where to have a drink afterwards. Remember that this year's seating capacity has been reduced to nearly half to comply with all the safety and protective measures in force due to the pandemic. And on the other hand, our craving for live music has doubled (being ultra conservative) after a year of an obligatory dry spell. In fact, the organizers recognize that public response since the lineup was announced has been spectacular: "It's clear that people can't wait to go to concerts and enjoy live music; it's something we've noticed in our ticket sales since the very first day."


Manel Mas, head of communication for the Terramar Gardens Music Festival, admits that this same enthusiasm for live music is shared by the entire team working in the organization, "because we can feel that energy from our people and we share their excitement to get back to normal, to the way things used to be."


Added to this predisposition on behalf of the general public and organizers and sparked by the concerts is, of course, the excitement of the artists themselves, who want to reclaim their natural habitat, far removed from a screen where they see themselves reflected while they play. The result of all this shared enthusiasm and excitement? A festival-going big bang that will be exploding in Sitges from July 29th to August 13th at the Terramar Gardens, a 'Noucentista' setting -Romantic pond included- that in itself deserves to be reserved for a summer night. In addition, every concert day the Festival's 'Village Zone' will be installed in this venue, where this natural backdrop will be accompanied by the aroma and flavor of food trucks.


But let's not kid ourselves either: the appeal of the Sitges Terramar Gardens Music Festival is due in no small part to its lineup, which this year (and please pardon the pun) sounds really good. The big names in order of concerts: Manel, Fangoria, Rosario, God Save the Queen, El Barrio, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Ara Malikian, Amaral, Sopa de Cabra, Mónica Naranjo, Sergio Dalma, Antonio Orozco, Los Secretos, La Casa Azul and La Oreja de Van Gogh. Dates, times and tickets on the Festival’s website.


This lineup is joined by another parallel, complementary and absolutely essential one, also located on the Terramar Gardens Village stage and with the Sitges appellation of origin. And we're referring to the 'Imprescindibles' (‘Essentials’) Festival, which features music concerts, live dance and DJ sets.


So now you have the musical picture for summer in Sitges. And we want to see you in it!


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