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Inspiration for your palate at Sitges’ Market

More and more tourists are starting to include municipal markets in their outings. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to know the rhythm and music of a city. In our case, Sitges’ Market is a 100% local experience: cheerfulness, variety, and inspiration for the palate in a setting where everyone is welcome to come in, take a look around, ask questions and let themselves be carried away by the colors, smells and flavors of the Mediterranean

OK, come on, let's start with some history to get you situated, as always. The present Sitges Municipal Market, located on Artur Carbonell Avenue (very close to the Renfe train station), has its origins in the stalls that were set up in 1307 around the Sitges Castle (where the Town Hall is located today).  Even back then, more than 700 years ago, food products, as well as tools and fabrics, were displayed in an organized way to neighbors and visitors. Sitges' population increased and the market grew to become too small. In 1890, the one now known as Mercat Vell (headquarters of the former Casa Bacardí) was built, which, almost 100 years later, would coexist with a newly created one, and which is precisely the one we are writing about today. The Mercat Vell, designed in 1889 by the architect Gaietà Buigas i Montravà and a must-see element on a tour of Sitges’ architectural heritage, closed in the early 90s and since then, with various refurbishments and improvements, there is only one municipal market in Sitges, and it is the one we can find near the train station.


The location of Sitges’ market, smack in the heart of town, means we can fit it into a morning where, for example, we can also include a tour of the spectacular homes of the ‘Americanos’, located on the streets near Eduard Maristany Square (Francesc Gumà, Illa de Cuba and Sant Bartomeu, all of them parallel to each other, and the streets Artur Carbonell, Sant Isidre, Gaudenci and Jesús). In addition, just over 500 meters away we have Ribera Beach and the Sitges Seafront Promenade.



Not that you are situated in space and time, let's take a look at your emotions. Because Sitges’ market, with its 33 current stalls, provides an organized tour of Sitges' gastronomic heritage. Fruits and vegetables, meat and cold cuts, nuts, cheeses, fish, eggs and poultry, legumes, pastries... Delicacies from the sea and the mountain, from the flora and fauna of this corner of the Mediterranean that has the privilege of the embrace of its vineyards and the Garraf Park. Among the jewels that you will be able to taste and purchase, especially now that the Christmas holidays are approaching, we can highlight Sitges’ Malvasia wine, a delicatessen with a certificate of origin, or 'espigalls', a seasonal vegetable (from November to February), also very typical of the Garraf area (the 'espigalls' with octopus recipe can knock your senses for a loop, you have been forewarned).


Sitges’ market also has several stalls offering organic products ('bio-shops') and even a stall that sells food exclusively for vegans. The list of stalls is rounded off with a travel agency and a housewares store that is also a stationery shop.


Mercat de Sitges 3


By the way, although a visit to Sitges' Market is highly recommended, you can also shop remotely. There are several options: By phone or WhatsApp (phone 690 37 99 67) or online via the website But we insist: you need to come check out Sitges' market and let yourself go. It's a question of letting yourself be inspired...


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