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Why do Digital Nomads like Sitges so much?

We assume this has happened to you: there are those places that when you visit them, apart from loving them as a traveler, they embrace you in a special way and make you think: I could definitely live here. And work, naturally. That happens a lot with Sitges, especially when it comes to professional profiles like digital nomads, who enjoy the privilege of choosing where to set up office

All right then, let's see who these digital nomads are: we're talking about professionals, almost always freelancers and entrepreneurs, who base their work on services that can be provided digitally. So, with the only requirement of being connected to the Internet, they can work remotely. In other words, from wherever they want to. That's why they tend to move around. That's why they're called digital nomads. But mind you, it isn't just about work. It's about a way of life. Here, some have coined the term ‘TraWork’. In any case, they are men and women who choose how and where to work. Freedom professionally and to live. And that perfectly matches both Sitges and its people.




We've taken the liberty of putting together a sort of 'Decalogue' to explain why Sitges is a very frequent stop for professionals who work remotely. If you're a digital nomad, here are our ten reasons for you to come:


  1. For its accessibility. Yes, because you'll see that getting here is simple, whether by land, sea, or air. Barcelona, right next door. And then moving around here is so effortless, both on foot, with plenty of pedestrian streets, and by bike, with a lane just for them parallel to the Passeig Marítim seafront promenade that inspires you with its own breathtaking view.

  2. For the climate. Whatever floats your boat, but tell me that having more than 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius in winter isn't attractive ;)
  3. For the views. It's your choice, sea, or mountain. On one side, Sitges has the Mediterranean, with 17 kilometers of beaches, and on the other, the Garraf Park, a unique natural gem in Europe. In other words, a privileged setting to enjoy surfing, kayaking, hiking, boat outings...

  4. For your palate. Because when you finish work, your afterworks will taste better thanks to a varied and top-quality culinary selection. Because pleasure and work need to coexist in harmony, don't they? Bars and restaurants of all kinds, KM0 locally sourced products, a Slow Food philosophy, Mediterranean and international recipes ... You’ve got it all in Sitges.

  5. For its accommodation options. I'm not sure whether you knew it or not, but Sitges is the number two Catalan destination in its amount of congresses and meetings, second only to Barcelona. Consequently, its range of hotels and apartments is wide and adapted to all sorts of needs and requirements in order to be able to telework in total comfort.

  6. Because here, we are from all over the world. If you come to Sitges, you're already from Sitges. 30% of the residents are from other European countries, which gives the town an international and cosmopolitan, very integrated, and participatory nature.

  7. Because there's always something going on in Sitges. In fact, there’s lots going on. Just take a look at the calendar, which is always full from January to December, and which features internationally famous events including the Carnival or the 'Sitges, International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia'.
  8. Because we never close. Whether it's Sunday or a holiday, summer, or winter, Sitges is always open. As a result, you will always be able to enjoy the town's shopping opportunities, where stores with products and personalized service are outstanding. Let yourself be pampered….

  9. Because we have a surprising cultural life. After your working day, you'll always have time to visit the Museums of Sitges (with their crown jewel, which is the Cau Ferrat), stroll through the historic center, visit Palaces and Modernista homes...

  10. And for the wine. Yes, you might want to avoid mixing wine and work. We're talking about when you finish your workday, the weekend or when you take the day off. We're talking about enjoying Sitges Malvasia Wine, the town's historical legacy, which has a privileged place to discover it at the Sitges Malvasia Interpretation Center (CIM). And from where you can also start the so-called ‘Carretera del Vi’, the first 'wine road' in Spain that allows you to enjoy wine tourism around the Penedés and Garraf regions.



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