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Festival Dona 2022: Art in Sitges and in Female Form

Yoko Ono said that women artists are still treated differently from men. In many cases, their work has less impact and visibility. And that is precisely what the Festival Dona 2022 organized by the Casino Prado in Sitges this September is fighting against and disproving. We'll explain it all to you, of course ;)

Film, music, humor, cabaret and theater are just some of the performing arts that will be unfolding during this new edition of Festival Dona 2022 - Women's Art, the 2022 Women's Festival - Women's Art, organized from September 1st to 11th by the Casino Prado Suburense in Sitges. We're talking about a festival that was born for the purpose of making women's prominence in the performing arts more visible and that has been evolving into an event with its own personality and an artistic level with major big names.


As we were saying, at the Sitges Festival Dona there is room for all different kinds of disciplines. And of course, for film as well -you already know about our love affair with the seventh art-, with the awards ceremony for the 1st Femifilms Women's Short Film Competition, organized jointly with Scanner FM, Doctors of the World, ACCPP Assamblea de Cooperació per la Pau and Área Visual. The aim of this film competition is to highlight audiovisual work that reflects discriminatory or abusive situations that end up influencing the physical and mental health of those affected by them.



Music and dance also have a very creative double X chromosome. You can see for yourself on September 2nd in the Casino Prado gardens, with a master class by Clara Martínez and the show 'Ritmo en la calle' (‘Rhythm in the Street’), where the female body itself contributes to the percussion... You're just dying of curiosity, aren't you? Then save the date ... and get your tickets, already available on the Casino Prado's website. A word to the wise: you have the option of purchasing a full pass for the entire festival, which is always a good deal.


Theater will also be making its presence felt at Sitges Festival Dona. And it will be with very well-known and assertive actresses (the big names we were telling you about at the beginning): Loles León, who presents her show 'Una noche con ella' (‘A Night with Her’), on September 3rd, Emma Vilarasau, who performs l'Oreneta (The Swallow), on September 9th, or Judit Martín and Emma Bassas, who will make you laugh your heads off with their show 'Under the Pelucas, also on September 3rd. Humor, lots of irony and sarcasm also with Nerea Pérez de las Heras and Inés Hernand, presenting their show 'Saldremos Mejores’ (‘We'll Come Out Better’), on September 4th.


Festival Dona 2022


And completing this year's lineup, the concert by Sommeliers, five women who give a new air to the piano, cello, clarinet and violin.


The Chairwoman of the Casino Prado, Carme Artigas, explains that with this year's edition "we wanted to take a step forward, with very prominent names but also with a commitment to appeal to young audiences through shows and formats especially aimed at them". This step forward is also in terms of artistic disciplines. In fact, Carme tells us about one of this year's new features and surprises: a gastronomic competition to reward the best 'Female Gastronomic Talent in Sitges’. "Yes, we are very excited about this competition, which we have organized in collaboration with the Sitges Hotel and Catering Association, and with which we want to give visibility to the female talent that exists in the kitchens of Sitges restaurants, which is very important and unknown, both in terms of chefs and sommeliers, for example". This award will be presented on September 8th, at a gala event that will feature another outstanding big name: Carme Ruscalleda, a chef of international prestige who will be giving a talk on the role and influence of women in today's cuisines.


The Chairwoman of the Casino Prado Suburense insists on the quality and variety of the Festival Dona de Sitges, "which we want to expand more and more every year, with our very own unique and different lineup, and which we have a great time preparing... and it shows".


So now you know. A lot of good things will be happening at the Sitges Festival Dona 2022. Once again, the usual problem we always have in Sitges: what to choose... although with the full pass, that issue is solved ;) We'll be waiting for you!




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