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A New Hotel in Sitges where every day is saturday

Visiting Sitges is always a 360-degree sensorial experience. There's always something going on. At all hours and in different places. That's why it's important to have spaces like the Sabàtic Sitges Hotel, which invites you to relax and hedonism leisurely (and non-stop). A hotel where every day is Saturday. You don't believe it?

Names say a lot about a service or a product. And also about a hotel. With a name like Sabàtic, it’s a declaration of intentions closely linked to Sitges' 'DNA'. In fact, the etymology of the word 'sabbatical' is illustrative: it comes from the Jewish term 'sabbath’ and refers to the weekly rest that takes place on Saturday. And it's based on the idea of unwinding from obligations and routine that this new superior 4-star hotel from the Marriott group -from its Autograph collection- is presented, reinforcing Sitges' already extensive and varied options with 90 suite rooms, all of them with sea views.


Sabatic Hotel Sitges 2


So, a first note that defines everything: at the Sabàtic Hotel Sitges it's always Saturday. Today is Saturday. And tomorrow too. And that's the first experience you notice as soon as you enter. Your first steps already take you into a high-ceilinged lobby from where you can get a glimpse of one of the hotel's nerve centers: the Pasatempo Restaurant, open to neighbors and visitors, regardless of whether they are guests there or not. It also has a fantastic terrace with a swimming pool and chill out area, where music, including live performances, reminds you that life is different when Saturday rolls around...


But because every guest is different and the unwinding process can be either leisurely or very active, the hotel offers activities outside its facilities, designed to hit 'play' and enjoy Sitges and its green skyline - the Garraf Park - and its blue one - the Mediterranean. From boat outings to routes along the coast in kayaks or tours of vineyards on electric bicycles, the options are many and varied. Laura Vilà, whose position is in line with the hotel's philosophy, is responsible for these sabbatical proposals: Guest Experience Manager. In fact, Sabàtic's own General Manager, Marc Borrell, highlights the value of this service, "because a hotel can have a very good interior design and great facilities, but the key, what really marks the difference, is the experience you offer; that's what's relevant". What's relevant, the experience, is clear. But there's another element that defines success or failure: "yes, because what is really going to be definitive to consolidate us and offer better service every day is for the people of Sitges to make it their own, for them to come and enjoy our restaurant, our terrace, the music... The Sabàtic is Sitges, and it can only be understood if it goes hand in hand with Sitges".


Sabatic Hotel Sitges 3


This integration with Sitges and the territory is evident in every corner, as Inés Müller, Marketing Manager, explains. It's evident in the restaurant's menu, with seasonal dishes and products -keep an eye on their xató and their 'orelletes' -traditional Catalan sweet pastries- for dessert-; in their midday and evening aperitifs with products from the Díaz cellar; in their 'Sitgetana' brand beers; in their 'Sabàtic' wine, made specifically for the hotel by the Torné & Bell Winery; it's evident in their four rooms for business meetings -their names: Charles Deering, Ramón Casas, Facundo Bacardí and Pere Jou - or in the photos decorating its walls, the work of photographer Salva López. And then, very importantly, it's very evident in the hotel staff, who share that very typical Sitgetan attitude of smiling before speaking. Yes, a very peculiar if they lived permanently on a Saturday ;)



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