Sitges Tourism

You, sand and blue sea... the most eagerly awaited normal

We are open for anyone from anywhere in Spain or in the Schengen area to come to Sitges. We suggest meeting up at one of our beaches, which are now even more beautiful and bluer. Especially blue...

That’s right, blue pride. Pride in a color and a joint effort. Because five of our beaches, Aiguadolç, la Barra, la Ribera, Les Botigues and Sant Sebastian, have each been awarded blue flags, an eco-label that acknowledges the efforts of the  public (and citizens, mind you!) to comply with criteria relating to accessibility, cleanliness, environmental management, safety and water quality. So you can see that in Sitges the 'new normal' (a term that should be banned, am I right?) is waiting for you in the sand (or in the water or in the beach bar).


Yeah, yeah, alright, now we'll explain the whole safety issue. Sorry, the thing is that here in Sitges, we don't prioritize the good side of things... it's that we live in it. It's a question of climate, of light, of bohemian character, of learning how to enjoy ourselves before how to walk... probably of all that at the same time. But the fact that we’re so into colors doesn’t reduce our commitment to your safety and all of ours. So to prevent the 'bug' from turning our smiles upside down, we’ll have to keep a distance of a meter and a half between each other to minimize risks. In any case, a team of local informers, appropriately identified (and smiling, another of our trademarks), will be in charge of indicating possible restrictions and sharing recommendations when needed. So right at this specific moment you can’t access the beach? Like there aren’t any other options! Here’s a few: a walk down the 'paseo' (the seafront one), have something to drink, visit our museums, take a walk around the old town (if you know it, we envy you for that 'first time') and have something else to drink or maybe a snack or something to eat already. Really, having a good time in Sitges has never been a problem ;)


Let us introduce you to Manel Martínez, president of the Sitges Beaches Association. Manel personifies the attitude we were telling you about, the good side of things: "Yes, the fact is that we really want to bring our beaches back to life, for people to come and enjoy them and their services; these have been some very difficult weeks, but we are more and more optimistic and delighted to welcome friends and tourists". A safe reencounter? "Yes, of course; in fact, we have prepared our own safety protocol which we have combined with the one from the Sitges Town Council to achieve the maximum guarantee for visitors and our workers".  A guarantee that stretches out along 17 kilometers of coast and 26 beaches: "Few towns can offer such a wide variety, and without a doubt, now could be an ideal time to discover new beaches or to choose as you wish on that day". As the beach councilor, Guillem Escolà says, "Sitges is making a great effort to have the beaches ready with the minimum risk and maximum enjoyment".


Well, there you have it, we’ll be waiting for you on the sand. And by the way, here’s a little preview: if you’re planning to come in July or August (and those of you who are coming from other countries will also be invited by then- we can't wait to see you either), you should know that, very close to the beach, on the Passeig de la Ribera seaside promenade, there is a series of concerts scheduled under the evocative name of 'Indispensables' (‘Essentials’). Don't tell me that the title isn’t super cool... Because there are some things that are dispensable and others that aren’t, and never can be. And coming to Sitges is essential (not just once, but many times in lifetime), and for you to come, too. We’ll be waiting for you...


  1. Moderador
    26 June 2020
    Hola, és la Cala Morisca!
  2. Balduí Belga
    25 June 2020
    Quina platja més xula !
    jo vull anar-hi!
    On és ?