Sitges Tourism

Will you let us recommend the ''best'' of Sitges for you?

We're starting to gain momentum, liveliness and energy. Sitges is finally starting to look like Sitges. Because without people, without you, everything is on hold, everything comes to a halt. Also the joy of sharing, that joy that is so much a part of us that we have finally recovered. And while we're settling into this temporarily 'limited normality' (it's not new, there's only one normality), we want to suggest a list of places and activities to do in Sitges. TOP 10 is what we call it...

Top 10, yes, like a hit list of music or new release series. A list that, by definition, is subjective and biased. But the advantage to it is that those of us who actually live here are the ones offering you suggestions. It's like asking someone who's lived somewhere for years 'where can you get a good meal around here'... We do deserve a certain degree of credibility, don't you think?


So like we were saying, we have a list of ten things, suggestions, ideas, activities and/or experiences that in our opinion represent what makes Sitges different, which are reasons for you to come here. And then to come back again. So, with no further ado (picture us in “Radio Formula” announcer mode) we present to you our Sitges' Toooooop 10’.


It's summer and we have 26 beaches
Impressive number, right? We wouldn't want to fall short. We have beaches that are small and wild, urban, friendly, open and fun, nudist, musical...if you can' t find the beach you’re looking for, maybe it’s because it’s not a beach you’re looking for.

The smell of the sea

The smell of the sea and the taste of salt. Sitges is devoted to the sea and its relationship with this blue element is historical and has a legacy: a fishermen's quarter, the Bastion Cannon ('selfies point'), the offerings at the Vinyet Chapel... And there are also group activities, guided tours and different festivities and other activities related to our beloved Mediterranean.


Mouth-watering walks
Because we have an old town that, apart from being old, is reeeaaally beautiful: blue and white, Modernista, historical and artistic. With its twists and turns. And with the sea as a witness.


The best Catalan Modernisme museums
No more and no less. Here we have the best Catalan Modernisme museums. In both content and form, the Cau Ferrat, our little gem, was the home of Santiago Rusiñol, to whom Sitges owes much of its cultural legacy and its bohemian, energetic character... as well as several paintings by Picasso or El Greco.


A signature garden

Miguel Utrillo designed the Terramar Gardens, an ideal place to unwind...and to get inspired. We're talking about signature gardens, both romantic and personal, linked to a key name to understand and value Sitges' artistic and cultural heritage.


A little wine?
White and served cold. As well as a wine made from a grape variety that is unique to Sitges: Malvasia. A golden color, a fresh fruit flavor with floral notes and a touch of Mediterranean herbs... Aren't you going to try it?


And with your wine, a Sitges-style rice
Of course, a wine needs and deserves a good pairing. And if it also has a designation of origin, all the better. In this case, the suggestion is a Sitges-style rice, which is made precisely with Malvasia wine as its differentiating ingredient.


Much more than a marina

A place is discovered on foot. And the Port de Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina is a true delight in this regard, because it's just over a ten-minute walk from Sitges' old town. And it’s well worth a visit, both for its gastronomic and leisure options and for its views and the seafaring town that surrounds it.


Wander the streets...

Speaking of walking, another key to enjoying Sitges and any other town is letting yourself get lost: discovering streets and hidden corners, shopping at unique, different and diverse shops, asking questions and continuing on or stopping for a drink. That said, it's not a bad idea to help you discover some of our most seductive itineraries. We suggest five different routes


Did you know that we have one of the best Nature Reserves in Catalonia?

The Garraf Nature Reserve is a natural spectacle that you really shouldn't miss. And one of its big advantages is that it is still all too unknown and so it allows you the privilege of enjoying a more intimate connection with its trails and its flora and fauna.



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