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A Drag Queen gala on the beach, the big new feature at Sitges Carnival 2020

Exactly what you just read: this coming Sunday February 16th at 17.30h, La Fragata Beach, located at the foot of the Sant Bartomeu Church, will be packed full of feathers and disco music. So get ready to dance, clap (or whistle) and shout ‘goooooorgeous’ nonstop, because in addition, some of the best (and best dressed) performers from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands will be participating in this Drag Queen Gala. So you tell me, could Carnival possibly be getting off to a better start?

This grand gala “will be great because it also recaptures the essence of the gay carnival that used to be held on ‘Carrer del Pecat Mortal (Street of the Deadly Sin) ’”. A message from Mia Muntané, one of the Sitgetans who is most familiar with and best explains what the Sitges Carnival is all about. In fact, she experiences it as she explains it to you. And passes it on to you: as you listen to her you find yourself in the middle of a parade. Muntané is a member of No K-lia, one of the town’s liveliest groups, and she feels especially proud of having been, for now, the only woman to be the Sitges Carnival King. Sounds like a challenge, right...


So let’s listen to the great Mia when she explains her own personal recommendation of what to see within the wide-ranging Sitges Carnival program (program link). ”Look, there’s one thing you simply can’t miss: the Disguised Bed Race; its name says it all: it’s so much fun to see families and friends ride a bed with wheels, get dressed up and run down a course through the streets of Sitges. ” When? On Saturday, February 22nd starting at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Prado Suburense Casino gardens. Bring comfortable shoes, because with the charanga band ‘Buscant el Tó’, it’s going to be impossible for your feet not to move by themselves.




And no, we didn’t forget the Carnival’s two main parades. Sunday, February 23rd, the Rúa de la Disbauxa (Debauchery Parade), and on Tuesday 25th, the Rúa de l’Extermini (Extermination Parade). “Which one is better? I can tell you one thing: that the Disbauxa parade is very lively and we all participate with infinite enthusiasm, but we put even more energy into the Extermini parade because we know that Carnival is coming to an end”. In both cases, Mia Muntané reminds us that the best part is interacting with people, "putting on a theatrical show and having people not just look, but also participate and have fun." And the good thing about this year is that both parades have moved up their starting time (the Disbauxa parade begins at 7:30 pm and the Extermini, at 9:00 pm), so it can also be a plan (or a super plan, that is) to enjoy as a family and have fun, since that's what it’s all about, right? In life. And in Sitges ;)



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