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From Sitges to the Holy Trinity Hermitage, multicolored family-friendly hiking

Today we propose taking a walk to discover a tiny hidden gem that is still unknown to many visitors: The Holy Trinity Chapel. Located in the heart of the Garraf Park, with the sea as a natural backdrop and rendered in white with Modernista details, this chapel is the perfect gift for one of the best family-friendly hiking trails that can be found in Sitges.

Hikers, before we start (we can see you’re already very eager), a bit of practical information: there are two different routes to reach the Holy Trinity Chapel on foot. One from the Llevantina housing development, with its 'starting point' from the so-called Sitges viewpoint, located in the highest part of this area, and which follows the GR92 ('Camí de les Costes'). And the other, the one we are presenting today, starts at the Mas Alba industrial park in Sitges, where there is a trail that can be explored on foot or (if you have small children) by car up to the entrance to the Garraf Park or, a little further on, in the area known as 'Els Caçadors', where you can also park your car. This second route, which also leads to the GR92, is flatter, and although we will miss out on the sea views in the first segment, it is perfectly accessible for children of all ages. Estimated duration: 3 hours, round trip (approximately 7 kilometers). And remember: water, hat (especially in spring and summer) and enjoy yourselves (remember, we’re in Sitges). And if you bring food (recommended, of course), please don’t feed the animals and bring back any garbage you might produce along the way.


So let's get moving. The route is signposted, although at the start of the segment there are two forks where we have to continue straight ahead (the first one) and go up on the left (the second one). Then the path is easy to follow and there are also signposts. Our cell phones can also help us thanks to two highly recommended applications: Wikiloc and Itinerarios Diba.


The path is green along its first stretch, with a well-preserved pedestrian path lined with pine and oak trees on both sides that provide shade and is peppered with 'margallons', an emblematic Garraf Park plant also known as the dwarf palm tree (although as you will see they aren’t always so small).  Gradually, as we get higher, the blue of the sea begins to filter through the green and brown spider's web formed by the branches along the path to our right. In the final section, on the left, a cement plant adds gray to the Pantone of infinite greens in the Garraf Park. Fortunately, the sea is all powerful, so we recommend you to widen your angle towards the Mediterranean and see the Vallcarca Beach, the Garraf Marina and Port Ginesta Marina in the Les Botigues area, in panoramic format.


We turn our eyes to the front because, an hour and fifteen minutes after starting the route (careful, estimated calculation for a family outing with two adults and two children aged 5 and 10 years), we will reach Punta de la Ferrosa (Ferrosa Point), where, crowning it, we find the Holy Trinity Chapel. It is an ancient hermitage, for which there is documentary evidence dating back to 1375. With its traditional architecture and protected as an Asset of Local Interest, its surroundings make it unique. In fact, it's how children (and many adults) would draw a church: on a mountain top, small, white and overlooking the sea. And to complete the spectacle, the façade at the entrance is covered with stone and arches, highly organic and Modernista. Very much so.


The views from here are 360 degrees and change from green to blue with surprising spontaneity, inviting us to recharge our batteries, either by eating what we've brought with us or simply taking a few deep breaths. That's the good thing about this route to the Holy Trinity Chapel: the outward journey makes you feel contented. And the return, happy.










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