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Pedaling among vineyards and around the Garraf Park

Sitges can be enjoyed in so many ways. But there is one that makes all the difference: by bike. The possibility of riding a bike from the seafront promenade up to the Garraf Park is a fortunate opportunity that we don't hide and we love to share. There are thousands of routes, but as an example, today we propose a low difficulty one that combines vineyards, wineries, castles and the sea as a backdrop.

The typical excuse that 'I never go biking' or 'I'm out of shape, I won't be able to do it' isn't going to be enough. It's a bad argument when what we are proposing is to hop on an electric bike where, even though you would have to pedal, the effort will primarily be for your neck and figure out where to look at any given moment.


For this occasion, we are accompanied by an Andorran who fell in love with Sitges (yes, it's a disease for which we have no cure) and decided to stay and live here, turning her great passion into a job. In fact, Montse Arauz, from Kili e-Bikes Sitges Tour, admits that for her, biking is like "a happy pill: if I'm not having a good day, all I have to do is head out and pedal".


The route that Montse proposes has almost everything: vineyards with a panoramic format (sometimes with the sea in the background), an ascent to the gates of the Sant Pere de Ribes Castle, green, aromatic sections around the Garraf Park, a stop to taste Penedès region wines (including Sitges Malvasia wine) at the impressive Torre de Veguer Winery, both inside and out, and a return to Sitges passing through the Terramar area, with the Mediterranean as a final gift.


Altogether, the route, which is circular and can be downloaded via this link, is just over 20 kilometers and can be done in approximately two and a half hours (stops included). A great investment, as are all trips. Because in the end, we fill our backpacks with memories. And during this bike trip, there are a few that we'll share with you in advance: the pleasant and green exuberance of the prickly pears all along the way, the soothing noise of the wheels on the ground, the optimistic smell of thyme and fennel, the taste of red fruits that lingers in your mouth with a red wine that is fermented in stone and 'cured' in amphorae - just as the monks used to do back in the 15th century-, the sun and shade of the paths across the Garraf Park, the blue line in the background that reminds you that Sitges is also about the sea and, from beginning to end, Montse's infectious smile.


By the way, it doesn't matter when you read this post: this route (and almost any other around Sitges) is just as beautiful all year round, with the nuances characteristic of each season. In summer, afternoons on a bike are a perfect traveling therapy after a seaside morning. And in winter, warm, sunny mornings are ideal. In autumn and spring, and with colors that are changing, any time is good. So, like with all good trips, all you need to bring from home is your eagerness to discover, to let yourself be surprised.... and to stock up on memories ;)







Photographie @ebikesitgestours


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    2 June 2022
    Bona tarda.
    Em podrieu dir on puc treure informació de rutes en bici per sitges, i que estigui detallat en mapes o tracks??
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