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Sitges' Museums are Waiting for You

While virtual tours are a great stimulus, nothing can take the place of the physical experience of visiting a museum and interacting with its exhibitions. Emotions run high over short distances. That’s why Sitges' Museums want to take advantage of International Museum Day to open their doors even wider with different activities. Yes, our museums are waiting for you.

The motto for this year's International Museum Day is illustrative and revealing: 'The Future of Museums: Recovering and Reimagining'. 2020 has certainly been a difficult year for the cultural sector. And museums are no exception: they need people, public, interaction. It is time to recover this essential relationship and imagine new ways to make this connection between art and people even more exciting. Pere Izquierdo, director of Sitges' Museums, admits that "the world has changed and museums need to adapt.” The lockdown has been tough, but it has also attracted a new public "that has discovered our legacy remotely and we don't want to lose it now."


In response to this duality, Sitges’ Museums have prepared a diverse lineup of activities to celebrate International Museum Day. On the one hand, several open houses and a Museum Night to enjoy Modernista, Romantic and contemporary art in a different light, with a different sensation, as the sun sets and the stars twinkle overhead and are reflected down below. Because, we remind you, some of our museums have a unique and inimitable permanent collection: the Mediterranean Sea in the background.   


These open houses include a tour of the Cau Ferrat, temple of Catalan Modernisme, the Maricel Palace, the Maricel Museum and the Stampfli Foundation - Contemporary Art Museum.


The line-up also includes an experimental play at the Maricel Palace that can be seen simultaneously in different theaters in the U.K. And what's the play about? Well, we can tell you that it merges Dante Alighieri's Inferno with Salvador Dalí's dreamlike and surrealist universe. So if there are any fans of the purely conventional out there, please abstain ;)


In this celebration of International Museum Day there will also be a number of big names. One of them is Miquel Villà. Not familiar with this artist? Then don't miss the exhibition ‘Miquel Villà. La pintura sin azar’ ('Miquel Villà. Fateless Painting'), because you will love it: his works are some of the most personal in 20th century Catalan art and his structured painting with its compact masses makes it especially valued by both figurative and avant-garde art lovers.


So as you can see, Sitges' Museums are also in motion. And they are making themselves heard, as you can discover in their new initiative 'Paisajes sonoros' (‘Soundscapes’) where Mediterranean art and music come together.


Certificate of origin, as we always say. It's all about cultural rebellion, artistic vibrancy and, in short, a desire to recover and imagine together. For you to visit us again or to discover us for the first time. Like we said: Sitges' Museums are waiting for you.



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