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Walking Route to Home Mort Beach

We've already shared other posts with you about the Home Mort Beach, one of the most beautiful and wildest beaches in Sitges. But on this occasion we want to explain the experience of going and coming back on foot, which is a minor investment for the reward you are going to find. Water, sunscreen and curiosity is all you need in your backpack. A swimsuit is optional.

With no beating around the bush or literature: it's well worth spending a morning, an afternoon or a whole day at Home Mort Beach. Imagine a scale: on one side, having to walk 20 minutes with hardly any shade (if it's not summer, we wouldn't even think of a scale), on the other, a wild beach, with green and turquoise water, in the heart of the Garraf Coast, with few people and a very good 'vibe'. If only all decisions were as easy to make...


So you can see for yourselves -that it's a win-win decision-, we'll give you a few indications. To reach this embrace of sand, sea and rocks you have to go to Les Anquines Beach and from there, head to what used to be the old Atlàntida disco, where festive nostalgia and mischievous smiles will undoubtedly spring up in many of you - we're talking about one of the benchmark summer dance clubs in Catalonia for many years. From there, you have to continue up parallel to the train tracks, and then glide along a short stretch and go down to Home Mort Beach. In fact, once you make the climb, you can actually already see the cove and your motivation gets a boost. If you want - or save it for another day - you can continue walking and in 30 minutes you will reach the Lighthouse Beach in Vilanova.


Going to Home Mort Beach with children? It’s a fairly undemanding route, so it is perfectly accessible for children from 6 or 7 years old, with the logical precautions (also applicable to adults) concerning not going near the train tracks or getting distracted in the stretch where the beach is still below us and a fall could prove fatal. As for the atmosphere, although it's true that isn't exactly family-oriented, it perfectly reflects its legacy as the first self-proclaimed gay beach in the world -and we're talking about 1930: Everybody's welcome!


If you go during the summer season, an important warning: there is hardly any shade along the way - the Garraf Park's natural vegetation tinges the path green but isn't very high. So: hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. With that and thinking about the swim you'll enjoy when you get there, it's more than enough.


More things: at present - current pandemic - there is no beach bar - there used to be one and it was wonderful. Consequently, bring supplies according to the taste of each person. Swimwear optional and worries, stress and miscellaneous burdens are confined until further notice. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open them again and a smile appears automatically. It's called Sitgetan therapy… ;)













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