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Let Yourself Be Seduced by The Sitges Film Festival's Parallel Events

The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is, without a doubt, one of the major events that Sitges hosts every year. But this film competition's offering isn't limited to the walls of its movie theaters, it also spreads out -and in what a way- all over town with diverse activities: children's workshops, zombies in the streets, street food, talks and exhibitions and even a small caravan where everything is possible...

Yes, let's begin with the caravan, which we left off with the three dots. The details: it's the Puck Cinema Caravana, and it's a small traveling movie theater with a capacity for just seven people that will be stopping in Sitges for several

days coinciding with the Film Festival. This year the event will be held on October 16th and 17th at the Sant Sebastià Chapel Square. And those who open its door and step inside the caravan will discover a tiny and very special screening room... a magical one. And that's as much as we can explain; we're not going to give away all the mystery!


The Puck Cinema Caravana is just one of the many parallel activities organized by the Sitges Film Festival. You can check out the complete line-up on the website, where you'll find all the times and how to reserve a seat at some of them -most of them free of charge.


Continuing with the small and magical caravan, let us explain that it can be found in a new venue called Meeting, located on the above-mentioned square in front of the Sant Sebastià Chapel, which will be a chill out that serves as a meeting point for professionals, the general public and locals. Depending on the time, there will be music, performing arts, live radio or photo calls at this venue. Nearby, on Port Alegre Street -which is somewhat like a small seafront promenade along Sant Sebastià Beach-, is where the Fanshop will be located. And also very close, on Ramón Planes Street, heading towards Balmins Beach, are the food trucks offering both national and international food.


Families will have their own space at the Sitges Mercat Vell, where movies will be screened and children's workshops will be held, also with prior reservation. Urban art is part of the agenda as well with the fantastic graffiti contest being held on the wall at the Port of Aiguadolç Marina. And the lineup of parallel activities is topped off with the Sitges Zombie Day (a classic) and different talks, presentations and exhibitions. Yes, by now you must be aware of what always happens in Sitges: the hard part is choosing.


The head of this festival within the Festival is Marta Artigas, who states that what started out as a small line-up of parallel events "has become something immense that aims to reach everyone and all parts of Sitges." The person in charge of the Sitges Film Festival's parallel activities particularly highlights the children's activities, "because we believe it's essential to bring our Festival closer to the little ones so they can make it their own as well."


Marta Artigas emphasizes the uniqueness of these complementary activities, "that contribute to making the Sitges Film Festival an exciting and integrating Festival, where there are no distances and everything is easy and close, where you feel good even if you come here by yourself and for the first time." Artigas confesses that the Festival itself, because it is held in Sitges, has the same genetics as the town and the locals: "we like to do loads of things and, at the same time, be able to share them in as many places as possible and with as many people as possible." This is a perfect explanation of why we refer to it as a 'fantastic' film festival ;)



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