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A marriage of Penedès wines and Sitges gastronomy

The idea of pairing involves the search for the most appropriate combination of a wine and food or a dish, a combination that makes each of the elements stand out and show off their best features. That is the meaning of the 1st D.O. Penedès Gastronomic Route in Sitges that will be held between October 23rd and December 3rd

The proposed 1st D.O. Penedès Gastronomic Route in Sitges requires an initial clarification: "More than a route, it is a gastronomic experience, featuring Sitges' gastronomy and Penedès wines; because we are talking about four, five or six-course menus at each restaurant, so they are gastronomic creations designed by each restaurateur." as Francesc Olivella, director of the D.O. Penedès explains. Presented with this appetizing appearance is the initiative that brings together twelve of Sitges' restaurants and 27 wineries from the D.O. Penedès area to make the ingredients complement each other, enhance each other, and shine together. 


Starting on October 23 and continuing on successive Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays, depending on the case, the route will be traveling through each of the twelve restaurants participating in the activity. At each of these stops, the restaurateurs will offer a menu that matches the four or five wines chosen to display their full potential. The route will finish on December 3. This initiative is a way of joining the forces of two of the benchmarks in Catalan gastronomic culture and bringing this experience closer to the public.


"Clearly, one of the objectives is to support the catering sector in Sitges and Garraf, in general, and to highlight the relationship with D.O. Penedès wines,” comments Francesc Olivella. That's why the slogan for this first edition is "The D.O. Penedès is also Garraf!", to reinforce these connections that are more than evident, as evidenced by the example of the wineries participating in the initiative. Among the 27 wine producers from the area of the designation of origin that are involved in this route appears, for example, none other than the Celler Hospital de Sitges, along with other regional brands such as Torre del Veguer or Puig Batet or the Finca Viladellops located in the Garraf Park. 


"Sitges is a particularly important tourist brand on the Catalan coast and the Mediterranean coast in general. And, above all, with a catering industry of the very highest level. In addition, this gastronomic tradition's connection with D.O. Penedès wines is extremely close," Olivella assures, explaining the significance of this proposal. 

The desire to offer delicious dishes and fine wines again is demonstrated by the response that the promoters of this proposal have received from restaurateurs and wineries. In much the same way, it is more than likely that the public's response will demonstrate their desire to savor these same dishes and drinks. So, one of the few recommendations that the director of the D.O. Penedès insists on is to book a table as early as possible in the participating restaurants, because places are unavoidably limited. Olivella acknowledges that he can't recommend any of the stops on the route. "If I could, I would visit all of them," he says before lamenting, "But that is going to be impossible." In any case, it's best not to risk being left without a seat at these banquets that are an incomparable opportunity to explore the gastronomic culture of Sitges and the Penedès wine-producing region.


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