Sitges Tourism

We Miss You

What to say to you from this blog at a time like this… What to say when Sitges is shut down (it's even hard for us to say it, and let alone write it)… Well, that we miss you. A lot.

Because we cannot welcome or attend to you. Because we and you must be responsible and supportive. And stay home. And that's what we are doing: you and us. But we want to tell you that we miss you. And that everything will be alright. That we will reopen, that we will take to the streets, you and us, and we'll pick up the pace, most likely little by little, however. And we will laugh, walk, dance, swim at our beaches, eat and play sports together once again. But we'll have to wait. And we will. Whatever it takes. And always with a smile, because we're already thinking about our reencounter. Because #EverythingIsGonnaBeAlright.


But being at home doesn't mean keeping still or being on hold. Our ideas are not confined. Or our desire to do things and find a good fit for many of the events that have had to be suspended in Sitges. That motivates us. In fact, we can actually say that we are in a state of 'effervescence'. We want our reencounter to be special. Sitges is surprise. And that moves us. That's what awaits you ;)


Aurora Carbonell, Mayor of Sitges, puts lyrics to the music of this post: "We are working so that when all this Is over (and it will be over), Sitges will be back on it’s 'A' game 100% to welcome you and so you can enjoy your visit." So don't let us down. Stay home and let the Covid 19 pass you by. We want to see all of you again. We want to see you again. Or meet you if it's the first time. Because all this can be summed up in six words: you are the most important thing. Sitges won't be moving from here. Sitges will be waiting for you. Hang in there and big smiles. #EverythingIsGonnaBeAlright.



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