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Sitges, Worldwide Patchwork Capital

Art and Sitges go together hand in hand extremely well, as you already know. That's why, when in 2005 the town hosted the first edition of the International Patchwork Festival, it soon became clear that this relationship was going to last a long time. The fabrics and shapes of this textile art combine beautifully with the sea as a backdrop and Sitges' open, multicolored character. Simply put: a winning combination that is already a worldwide benchmark.

The term Patchwork, when translated literally, means 'work with patches'. Conceptually, it helps us to get acquainted with this textile art, which stands out for joining different fabrics of all kinds to create a new piece. But be careful not to simplify and minimize its scope: it is much more than the multicolored patchwork quilts that may come to mind. It is textile art. And art has no limits. Otherwise, it wouldn't be art.


The Sitges International Patchwork Festival, which will be held this year from March 24th to 27th, is organized by the Spanish Patchwork Association. But you already know that we like to get personal and give our main players a name. And in this case the spotlight has to go to Inma Farrero, who is at the helm, and to Belén Robles, the event's treasurer and who has her very own store in Sitges. The two of them, apart from avoiding the stereotype of the multicolored quilt, also open up the gamut to fans and enthusiasts: "Patchwork isn't something meant for little old ladies, far from it; we think of a needle, and we tend to imagine something that is only done by elderly people. That's why we like people to come to the festival to discover the wonders that men and women of all ages can create with fabrics".


Both Inma and Belén agree on the symbiosis created between the Festival and Sitges. Inma is very illustrative in her explanation: "It's not a festival that takes place in a town; it's a town that holds a festival". The nuance is revealing regarding the atmosphere that is generated here, "and where the locals, the establishments, the climate, the seafront promenade... all get involved". In fact, as they explain, many of the professionals and visitors who come back every year "don't say they're coming to the Sitges Patchwork Festival... they say they're coming to Sitges". Belén, whose store is always a good barometer, agrees that "this year is looking very promising; people are eager to get out again and stop in at the festival as a group, to see, buy, learn, take a walk around Sitges...".


patchwork Sitges


Some useful information, as always. The festival, with free admission -except for the exhibitions-, will be held on the Paseo de la Ribera seafront promenade, with three marquees housing the expected 109 exhibitors. A turnout that positions this event as an international benchmark. One figure to confirm its relevance: no other European patchwork festival since 2019 has brought together more than 70 exhibitors. In terms of numbers and identification with the city that hosts it, the other point of reference would be Houston.


More stuff. Besides walking around, browsing, asking questions, and buying textile art, visitors will also get a chance to see exhibitions and take part in creative workshops, some for beginners and of short duration. In this case, registration will be done on site. For professional courses, the procedure must be completed via the festival's website.


So now you know. Textile art and Sitges are waiting for you.




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