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Tardeo in Sitges to Whet Your Appetite

You already know that there's always something going on in Sitges. At all times of day. And the evening is no exception. In fact, if you're going to have dinner in Sitges, we recommend you come before to get in the mood and whet your appetite. A Tardeo in Sitges is awesome. It's really awesome. But you're not surprised, right?

Yes, this concept of Tardeo has already been implemented in many places. At the end of the day, it's giving a name to the whole 'let's meet up a little earlier and have a drink' that people sometimes suggest we do before going out to dinner with friends, our partner or the family. There is some debate about where the term was first coined (Albacete, Murcia and Alicante all claim authorship), but it became popular as a concept for having a drink and a good time after five or six o'clock in the afternoon. As a matter of fact, the inspiration comes from cities such as Granada or Almería, where each drink comes with a free tapa to go with it.


Now that we've outlined the context, and focusing on Sitges, any Tardeo here comes with the added value of the climate (all year round, moreover) and views of the Mediterranean. If you add to that a wide selection of bars offering drinks, good music, tapas and snacks, the combination is unbeatable (or practically).


A good example of what we're talking about is the Hotel Dolce by Wyndham Sitges. And the name leaves no room for doubt: Dolce Tardeo. The event is every Friday from seven in the evening to ten at night in the Malvasia Bar, although the plan is to move to the Alea Chill-Out on the terrace later on with the arrival of warm weather. In both cases, with the sea as a backdrop.




The Hotel Dolce's proposal is veeeeeeery sensorial. For 16 euros, and from 7 to 9 pm, they give you a bracelet that allows you to have a drink (wine, beer, champagne or a cocktail -yes, even a gin and tonic) and in addition, to sample one of their appetizers. And all this with an upbeat soundtrack provided by well-known DJs until 10 at night.


Ruth Tobío, Head of Marketing at Dolce Sitges, explains that, with this initiative, as with so many others they offer throughout the year, "We want to open the hotel up to everyone, even if they aren't staying here." In this regard, its location, a 5-minute drive from downtown Sitges, is by no means a problem. "On the contrary, it's an advantage, because it allows you to disconnect and visit a very special place, with stunning views of the sea and with a personalized atmosphere and service, very intimate and friendly." In fact, the hotel's slogan is illustrative and sums up what Ruth says: 'An Oasis of Mediterranean Luxury'. And a musical oasis, of course: "Yes, absolutely, music is fundamental: Sitges is music, and our hotel is committed to creating the perfect atmosphere with the very best DJs; all you have to do is come and check it out for yourself, because anyone who comes here will be back for more."




A word to navigators (to drivers in this case): the Hotel Dolce has more than 140 free parking spaces, most of them covered. And remember that before their Tardeo you have many options, all of them good, depending on what you're in the mood for: shopping, a stroll through the old town, a swim or a walk on the beach (you have 17 to choose from), a visit to one of our museums or art galleries... I mean, you already know that there's always a good plan in Sitges. A fantastic plan, in fact.



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