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The Little Ones Have a Big Time in Sitges

Sitges is always a (very) good choice. Even for children who, with the Mediterranean or the Garraf Park as a backdrop, have many and varied ways to have fun, both alone and with the family. Because Sitges, as you know, is awesome. Regardless of your age.

It doesn't matter when you read it: Sitges is always a great place to come as a family. Because everyone has fun here, from the eldest to the youngest, from the most serious to the most mischievous, from the shyest to the most extroverted. In Sitges we are all about colors... every color under the sun.


What to do with children in Sitges? Where to start? Where to end? The fact is that you have so much to choose from, and that is the town's distinguishing feature. But as a starting point, we could differentiate two general locations, two natural alliances: with the sea as a witness or with the mountain as a companion.


If we choose to be near the sea, a good way to start (or finish) is to take a walk along the seaside promenade, either on foot, by skateboard, scooter -hey, not electric!- or by bike. A walk that we can start for example at the foot of the steps of the Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Parish Church, in front of Fragata Beach, and end in the Terramar area. If we choose this walk as the focal point, apart from being able to go to any of Sitges' urban beaches - is there a better park with better views? - kids can enjoy playgrounds with swings (in front of Bassa Rodona Beach), or stop in at the Centre d'Estudis del Mar (Sea Studies Center), which houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to Posidonia and also offers regular children's activities to discover the Mediterranean's biodiversity in a fun way.


Centre Estudis Mar


Another more immersive option to discover this blue treasure is through surfing classes for children, renting paddle surf boards, kayaking around Sitges' coves or enjoying some of the activities and services for families offered by the town's yacht clubs.


Another essential stop is at the Terramar Gardens, a green oasis located between the golf course and Les Anquines Beach. These Noucentista gardens have a playground and paths flanked by native vegetation. And the jewel in the crown: a central pond surrounded by stone benches, where parents can maintain, strengthen, recover or -also possible- discover their romantic profile. In addition, the Terramar Gardens have a picnic area, so it is ideal to recharge your batteries with an outdoor breakfast or lunch. Oh, and if you come to Sitges in spring or early summer, you might be able to participate in one of the nocturnal visits organized by Sitges CEM to see the biodiversity around the above-mentioned pond. 


Jardins de Terramar Sitges


As an extension, a starter or a route that is independent from the seafront promenade, another place that deserves the 'ideal for families' seal is the old town area, a maze of cobblestone streets sheltered by the shadow of the Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Parish Church, and the gateway to the family-friendly Sant Sebastià Beach and the Sant Sebastià Chapel, where you'll find another children's playground with swings. The Museus de Sitges (Sitges Museums) are a mandatory stop along this route - children under the age of 12 don't pay admission. Who said museums aren't fun? For one thing, our museums have a Family Corner with workshops and activities designed for the little ones. And in addition, you can visit the Cau Ferrat Museum or the Maricel Museum while participating in a game of clues. If you complete it, you'll receive a guaranteed gift. Is it or is it not a great plan to come to the Museus de Sitges?


Museus Sitges


Now we turn around and look towards the mountains. There, the Garraf Park is the other great setting, in this case natural, to enjoy with the family. With trails suitable for all ages, many of them with the sea as a silent partner, this park also offers a full activities calendar, with routes and educational projects -the Astronomical Observatory is a must-see, which you can check out on their website. In any case, the spectacle is guaranteed thanks to a unique limestone landscape and unique flora and fauna that will pepper your visit with emotions. If you have any doubts, a (very) good option to do with the family and activate all the senses is the route to the Olivella Castle. We would also place the excursion to the Holy Trinity Hermitage on the podium of family hiking.




But beyond places and walks, Sitges is always buzzing. Things are always happening. It doesn't matter when you come. If you come in summer, the sea is the star. But in December and January, the winter sun combines very well with Christmas markets and family activities; in February, the Carnival fills everything with color and feathers. In March, the Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally takes us back in time; in March and April, jazz literally takes to the streets; in June the streets are carpeted with flowers for Corpus Christi; in October, the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia boasts a wide range of parallel activities... And the most important thing: every day, every month and every year, the best of Sitges awaits the whole family: its people ;)


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