Sitges Tourism

Sitges by night

As night falls, the streets of Sitges
come alive

Sitges can boast of being both the birthplace of the first Pachá nightclub in the world, as well as of its gay friendly clubs, and including a more alternative offer with cocktail bars and craft beer breweries.
During summer afternoons and evenings, open air concerts, festivals, seaside cocktails and beach bars broaden their range of leisure options to enjoy with family, partners or friends.

 Primero de Mayo Street, popularly known as Sin Street, is one of the nerve centers of Sitges' nightlife, attracting up to 1,200 people on weekend nights, a figure that even doubles in high season. 

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  • XALET-15
  • Concert Festival Jardins de Terramar
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“Sin Street” Festival, April 29th to May 2nd