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Ne bougez pas : on vous amène Sitges chez vous

Puisque vous ne pouvez pas venir à Sitges, avec votre permission et bien entendu en respectant la distanciation sociale, laissez-nous vous apporter un peu de Sitges chez vous. Pour que vous nous découvriez si vous n’êtes jamais venu encore, pour que vous nous connaissiez un peu mieux si vous y êtes passés quelques fois, ou pour maintenir vive "la flamme de l’amour" si vous êtes un habitué (nous vous avons avertis: les 'retrouvailles' promettent…).

Let’s start, if you like, with an immersive experience hand in hand with Google Arts & Culture. And the thing is that now or whenever you feel like it, you can take a virtual tour of Sitges’ Museums. At your leisure, anytime you want... plus it’s free and there are no crowds ;)


Come on, let's go outside, into the “open air”. We’re going to take a walk along the Paseo de la Ribera seaside promenade. You will see lots of things happening in this commercial, all very unlikely, so don’t worry. But we can use it to capture (or remember) the charm that our Mediterranean skyline has, with the Church of Saint Bartholomew silhouetted against the sky and with a parade of palm trees moving to the rhythm of the breeze.



This ‘well-known brand of soft drinks’ isn’t the only one that’s opted for Sitges as a natural set. Another ‘well-known beer brand’ placed part of Antón and Cora’s story in the old town, which there’s no shortage of beaches, boats or music either. DNA Sitges, that is...



The productions that are located in Sitges are many and varied, really. Last year alone, more than 130 shoots were made in and around Sitges. One of the artists that chose our town was Mika. And he did it selling ice cream...


Although Sitges is the pantone of blues, there was once a time when it was seen on screen in black and white. Here you have an ‘incunabulum’ by way of a feature piece from a 1954 Spanish newscast. The title chosen by the Spanish newsreel NODO doesn’t disappoint: Sitges’ charm. A warning: the narrator's affected and arabesque style is the price to pay...


NODO Sitges


Let's go back to color. It’s time for photography. And we stacked the deck in favor of the house, but we doubt that you will find a more complete (and updated) open file than the Sitges City Council’s Flickr. Just to give you an idea: since 2013 and until we had to leave our camera at home because of Covid-19, 83,490 different images have been uploaded. Yes, nothing escapes us, nothing at all ;)


And to complete this long-distance curtain-raiser of Sitges, and in the light of the mandatory lockdown, now it’s time for movies. Not shot here, but screened in Sitges. We’re talking about the 37 films that won the Award for Best Feature Length Film during the 52-year history of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.


And we’re going to stop for now (this time). Enough, right? A little bit of everything. And a lot of missing you. #StayAtHome #EverythingIsGoingToBeAlright



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