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GR 92 Sender Mediterrani. Camí de les costes coastal path

The views of the coast, as well as the visit to the picturesque town of Garraf, are some of the most noteworthy features of this pleasant route, which starts at ‘La Pleta’ and displays some of the most characteristic aspects of the mountain range’s natural landscape, as well as ongoing economic activity in the area.  The exploitation of the park’s main natural resource, calcareous rock, and the communication lines that cross it will inevitably provoke thoughts about the needs of our society and the preservation of the landscape. 

The path follows the rim of a quarry. A well-signposted route, it leads towards the sea, passing through areas where different species, typical of the park, can be observed such as fan palm, mastic, carrizo plant and the European searocket, a plant with pink flowers which is common around the cliffs of the Garraf coastline. Going near it is not advised due to potential landslides. To return to the starting point you must go back in the opposite direction. Before starting the route, a visit to the park’s office is recommended. The audio-visual material and the permanent exhibition provide you with the key points for understanding the landscape.

The route is very easy, covering trails, tracks and roads. The slope is 360 metres, all downhill. Wear appropriate footwear and bring a water bottle, especially during the warmest months. The binoculars will allow you to better observe the fauna and enjoy the great panoramic views.


4,5 km

Approximate duration

2 h 30 min

Difficulty level
On foot
  • Photography
  • Scenic-based
  • Sender del Mediterrani. Camí de les costes
  • El camí de les Costes