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Over twenty local artists and groups will display their talent at the Terramar Gardens Festival

The second edition of the Terramar Gardens Festival will once again showcase internationally renowned artists and local groups. This year it will be held from July 19th to August 4th.

Once again, Terramar's Noucentista gardens will be welcoming legendary artists from the music scene as well as local artists and groups. A combination that will liven up this event that is already considered the Barcelona Coast brand’s benchmark music festival.


The first sample of what can be seen at this year’s Terramar Festival will take place next Saturday June 8th from 12 to 3 pm with Ninot who will perform at the Town Hall Square, as a part of Vermuts a la Palmera organized by the Palmera Torta Collective, together with the Department of Culture, Traditions and Festivals of the City of Sitges.


One of the hallmarks of the Terramar Garden Music Festival its commitment to local talent, through music, painting and dance. This year Aitana will be in charge of opening the lineup of the Terramar Garden Festival, together with the group K-LIU, a band consisting of eight young people between the ages of 17 and 26. K-LIU was named "Best New Artist 2018" at the 2018 Enderrock Awards gala. On the same day, on the dance stage, Roger Bernad will be performing.


On July 20th, the combination of Luis Fonsi and local artists Betson and Elena Cester / Sara Colomino will be the highlights of the day. The first weekend of the Festival will close with a proposal for families, with the show of the Family of the Supers and Jazz offered by the Apocadixie Cotton Pickers. On this occasion, the Sitgetan Apocadixie Cotton Pickers will bring the jazz from New Orleans to the jungle of rhythms, where they will find beasts like the Toucan Corcheas or the Hippopotamus Rodopòtam. A concert for both young and old.


The following event will arrive at the hands of Joan Báez, Doo-Arte and the Esplai de Danza of the Prado Suburense Casino with a sample of classic and neoclassical styles. George Benson, Ninot and the Eva Hernández Dance Company, will be the following trident with a musical offering that will impress all audiences. The John Williams Special, the Dewinter group with synth pop and post punk melodies with electronic bases and Melissa Merin's contemporary dance solo will be featured on July 27th.


On Sunday, July 28th, one of the Festival's highlights will arrive with the proposal formed by Rick Astley, Llørenz and Silvia Cuesta. On Tuesday, July 30th will be one of the first shows that has already sold out with God Save The Queen, Esteve Molero and Vella Latina that will show the rhythms that go to and from Cuba with the Catalan Indianos, and neoclassical dance by Anna Vilà.


Performing with Hombres G, on July 31st, Malmö 040 and the Young Ballet Tour from the Lolita Vilalta School that has picked up numerous awards and recognitions in recent years. One of the busiest days will also be August 1st with Melendi, Rumbalmins and flamenco from the Sitges Taller de Danza. On August 2, Morat will arrive in Sitges performing with the Full Time Losers and the urban dance group Miriam and Kike. This group will present an urban dance piece created by teachers and choreographers Kike Granero and Miriam Martínez, and danced by the students in the advanced group, which this year have competed and won different national prizes.


The penultimate day of the Festival, the turn will be for the Dúo Dinámico, Kinetics and the performance by the Institute of the Arts Barcelona. The lineup for this second edition of the Terramar Gardens Festival will be brought to a close by Niña Pastori and Pintando la Pachamama 5. Based on Tutu Pachamama’a original piano creations, Blanca Benítez will reflect the vibration of music with her painting. This will be the fifth time that the two artists meet to play and merge with the audience.


This year, Sitges celebrates the centennial of the first Garden - City of Catalonia, Terramar. A celebration that will also be enjoyed as a part of the Music Festival as it will be possible to see the itinerant exhibition commemorating the anniversary, recently inaugurated and which during the next few weeks will visit venues such as the Terramar racetrack or the Terramar hotel.

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