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Views, Music and Atmosphere (Lots of Atmosphere) on Sitges' Terraces

Sitges has charm no matter how you look at it. Even if it’s from up above. And very much so. All you have to do is visit the terraces of the MIM or the ME Sitges Terramar hotels and check it out. Their views are one of a kind. Add live DJs, cocktails and Mediterranean and international cuisine. Are you coming up?

Sitges is sea and it's blue, pure Mediterranean. But it's also air, sky blue at the start of the day and gold and orange when night falls. And it's during this witching hour that hotels like the MIM and the ME Sitges Terramar become Sitges' greatest balconies.


Sitges' location itself enhances its views from the top. On the one hand, the green and gray of the Garraf Park. And on the other, the seafront promenade, the beaches and the infinite sea. And between the two, a skyline where La Punta (the small hill or promontory where the Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Parish Church stands) always serves as a guide in a white, low-rise urban fabric, but with a heartbeat that vibrates and expands. That heartbeat finds a very special resonance in these terraces, which in spring and summer bloom as the hours of sunshine grow longer and increase their musical and gastronomic options.


In the case of the MIM Hotel, and taking into account Sitges' privileged climate, its terrace is open all year round. Its name already announces sensations: Sky Bar. And it confirms them, because we are talking about a terrace with 360-degree panoramic views, which can also be enjoyed from a central location. With a capacity for 80 people, its terrace is open to any visitor, regardless of whether they are staying at the hotel or not. Going up to the top floor also has its own reward: the chance to savor the dishes prepared by chef Paulo Goes, where the philosophy of Kilometer Zero locally-sourced ingredients and rice dishes are presented as the specialty of the house.


sky bar hotel MIM (3)


Sergi Simó, the MIM Sitges' manager, doesn't hesitate to point out the 360º views as this venue's distinguishing feature, "which are even more special with the sunset". In addition, Simó explains that the other jewel in the hotel's crown, its spa, forms a magical tandem with the terrace: "Yes, because there's the possibility of purchasing what we call a Day Pass, which includes a hydrotherapy circuit -flotarium and 'hot' hammocks included- and lunch or dinner afterwards in the Sky Bar". Another option is to have a drink or cocktail before or after dinner and, on the weekend, with a soundtrack provided by different resident DJs.


sky bar Hotel MIM (2)


Now we move away from the center, but come closer to the sea. A lot closer. So much so that from the terrace of the ME Sitges Terramar, the Radio Rooftop Bar, the sea and Les Anquines Beach are literally below you. We are undoubtedly on Sitges' other great terrace. With a capacity for 120 people, it has another added advantage: it offers you the best coastal skyline in town.


Aleix Nadal, the hotel's Aura Manager, has no doubts about it either: "This is our particular jewel in the crown; you only have to go up and discover that the views are exhilarating". This exhilaration is greatly enhanced by the atmosphere that is generated up there. On the one hand, the commitment to gastronomy based on Asian and Latin American street food. Special attention to (and predilection for, as Aleix says) Yakiniku, Japanese barbecue where the diners themselves are the ones who end up grilling the meat at their own table.  And on the other hand, the music of resident DJs Albert Retamero, Loli Zazou, Santi Tanit (owner of the restaurant El Beso). And this great team is joined by other guest DJs like Anna Ferri, Ari Korrales, Jordi Chicletol or Severino -founding member of Horse Meat Disco and resident DJ at Glitterbox Ibiza.


Terraza Hotel Me Sitges


More excitement at the ME Sitges Terramar's Radio Rooftop Bar with its organic cocktails (earth, air, water and fire) and signature cocktails -a bow to bartender Otto Liu.


Aleix also emphasizes the hotel's and its terrace's connection with Sitges and its agenda: "We want those who go up to the top to also be able to live experiences related to the main celebrations and activities we have in the town, including the Carnival, the Film Festival, Corpus Christi and Sitges Pride, to name just a few examples".


Terraza Hotel ME Terramar (2)


So, you have all the information. Sitges has and offers exceptional views. An experience that includes music, gastronomy and that je ne sais quoi' that you can only find here. As easy as going straight to the top.

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