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A Road with Flavor... and a Passport

A road with vineyards to the sides and a green background, with a leisurely pace and laid out along the Ancient route that linked the vineyards of the Penedès region with Garraf's beaches, now offers one of the finest wine tourism experiences in Spain. The thirteen wineries that invite you to stop in are a true delight for your palate that you simply must experience. No matter what.

A linear route of 33 kilometers connects Sitges with Sant Martí Sarroca. It's known as the Wine Road, passing through 7 different towns and allowing you to stop off at thirteen different wineries belonging to the Penedès appellation of origin. It’s the first Wine Road in Spain and it even has its own passport, which is valid for two years and will be stamped for you at each stop. But attention please: it's a passport that comes with a prize. Yes, because once you visit six wineries, you will receive a free bottle from each of them. And when you complete the other 7, the same thing applies. You have to admit that it's a very appreciative passport.... ;)


Do you have to begin the route in Sitges or Sant Martí Sarroca? No. You choose your own pace and the stops. The order of wineries doesn't affect the expected excitement. And do you want to know why? Because each one of them is very different from the others, both in terms of their products (wine or cava, one type of grape or another) and their facilities (micro-cellars, family wineries, some more modern and others more classic).


We've stopped off at the Puig Batet vineyards, located at the beginning of the Garraf Park - so just imagine the spectacle. It's eleven o'clock in the morning and the sun has already settled in and is bathing the grapevines in gold. We are welcomed by Natàlia Puig, who is also the President of the Wine Road. Natalia exudes passion for wine. And yet she studied Pharmacology. But the emotional legacy initiated by her great-grandfather, Joan Puig, has carried a lot of weight for her. Then came her father and uncles, and now she’s the one who transmits this passion to visitors. In fact, she acknowledges that the Wine Road "is helping to give greater visibility to the Penedès and Garraf, which are two wonders".


Celler Puig Batet 2


Natàlia especially highlights the diversity of options that this road encompasses: "Yes, in fact, the most frequently repeated remark by the people who visit it is that all the wineries are very different from each other". And the second remark, also very illustrative, "is that they're really surprised that we all get along so well; but the fact is that we're a family with the same goals, it's not about competition but about highlighting the value of the Penedès appellation of origin".


As she speaks, Natàlia takes us on the same tour of the vineyards that she herself conducts with visitors. She explains that, in their case, they are committed to families, "and that's why we organize children's workshops so that the kids can be entertained by an instructor while the parents do the tasting". And the workshop is really awesome: it's about designing, making, and 'attaching' labels for wine bottles made by them.


The place where we do the tasting is marvelous. No interiors. It’s held under the shelter of an old carob tree, at a table with a checkered tablecloth, with the vineyards themselves and the Garraf Park as witnesses and four Ambassador Wines (special mention for their 'Fer el Trago' rosé, silver medal winner at the Vinari awards).


Celler Puig Batet


Some practical information about the Wine Road, which we're sure you're already planning to visit. To begin with, you can check out the route and get to know the wineries on their own website. In the event of wanting to make a reservation, the process is directly with each one of them, either by phone or email.


And let's not forget. Save the date: June 4th, the Flowering Festival, where the thirteen wineries will all come together to offer their wines and cavas, and end with a dinner livened up by a DJ. This year the event will be held at the Finca Viladellops Winery. Yes, I know, right now you're going to go pour yourselves a glass of wine, right? Let's drink to that (and hey, ideally a Penedès ;)


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