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Sitges, a Paradise for Yoga

Yoga can be practiced anywhere. But there are places and environments that are especially helpful and predisposing. And Sitges is, in this regard, an ideal place, with the sea as an accomplice (in or out of it) and with hotels that also include different options in their experiences to practice it, both guided and self-directed. Sitges is always liberating, but then you know that already…

There are always things happening in Sitges, we repeat it, and we demonstrate it. And if you like yoga or want to make the most of your visit to practice it, you'll only have one problem: choosing where and when. The proof is in the pudding. This October, during the weekend of October 21st, 22nd and 23rd, the Dolce Sitges Hotel, the only 5-star hotel in the town and boasting a very interesting 'tardeo' proposal, has organized a very special retreat led by Laura Hayden, who will be offering yoga sessions, as well as meditation and group coaching workshops. The activity, which is relaxing just hearing about it, will be rounded off with healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you're interested or want more information, you can call 938109000. And if you happen to come to Sitges in November, Dolce Sitges offers you the possibility of taking a yoga class on the garden terrace followed by breakfast. In this case, the telephone number for information and reservations is 938109035.


The Sabàtic Hotel, the latest to open in Sitges, is also committed to facilitating the practice of yoga for all its clients. In fact, in all its rooms guests will find a mat and a space set up for stretching muscles and taking their minds off their worries. In addition, the fitness club offers daily yoga and fitness classes, led by Nathalie Rosenberg with her luminous smile. You can also call 657753303 for more information. And if there happens to be a full moon when you are in Sitges, the Sabàtic also offers meditation and Yin Yoga sessions.


If you are staying at the Me Sitges Terramar Hotel, during your visit to Sitges, you should know that on weekends classes are offered free of charge, from 8 to 9 in the morning, by the Club del Sol. Depending on the weather, they are held on the beach in front of the hotel, the Anquines Beach, or in the Vintage room. There is also the option of requesting private classes or for a particular group, as well as participating in one of the specific yoga and brunch sessions organized throughout the year.


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Apart from at hotels, in Sitges you can find different private spaces that offer yoga classes. In some cases, their services include ‘Yoga Beach’. And the fact is that with your feet in the sand and the sea in front of you, everything flows, everything is rearranged... everything improves ;) So, it's possible that if you take a walk in the morning you will see groups of people practicing yoga on one of our 26 beaches. To be more precise, they may be practicing yoga or possibly chi kung, a movement therapy based on breath control, and which has close links with tai chi or reiki.


But the sea, as we always say, can be enjoyed from outside or inside of it. And yoga is no exception. How about, for example, doing your stretches on top of a paddle surf board? Yes, it sounds great and it's even better to give it a try. One option is to contact the team at Nootka, which also offers kayak outings around Sitges. In their case, we must also be precise, they offer Sup Yoga Pilates classes, which consists of a combination of yoga asanas with Pilates exercises (and all of them on a board, of course).


Are you more of a mountain person? Then yoga in the Garraf Park, a very natural spectacle where you can disconnect and reconnect. The same park is also home to the Garraf Buddhist Monastery, which offers retreats and meditation classes.


As you can see, the options are many and varied, like almost everything in Sitges. So, if yoga always accompanies you on vacation, in Sitges you will find one of the best places in the Mediterranean to unwind and practice conscious breathing (and above all inspiration) ;)


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