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A Week to Discover and Enjoy Sitges Malvasia Wine

To your list of motives and reasons to come (or come back) to visit us, you're going to have to add the Sitges Malvasia Week. The pairing that will be waiting for you is perfect: good weather, a Mediterranean breeze and all kinds of activities revolving around a unique wine with a designation of origin.

Wine is culture. It's identity. It's a not guilty pleasure. And it's a reason to get together and share. In the case of Sitges, Malvasia wine adds the pride of a unique wine, with its own character and which represents a living and dynamic legacy for Sitges. An example of the vitality and tradition of this grape variety is Malvasia Week, which this year reaches its eighth edition. The program -as it ought to be in Sitges- is wide-ranging and varied: there's something for everyone, including families.


The program includes more than 20 different proposals, with Malvasia wine as the driving force, but also making room for and pairing with other gastronomic products -sausages, for example-, literature, the sea, glass and perfumes. Responsible for this week is the Malvasia Interpretation Center (CIM) and the Celler Hospital de Sitges (Sitges Hospital Winery). The coordinator of the CIM, Alba Gràcia, who personifies and spearheads the wine's new fervor, speaks of 3 thematic focuses: territorial, social and sensorial. "Yes, territorial because we are counting on the participation of more than 30 wineries that commercialize Malvasia; social, because all the returns we obtain are for our foundation; and sensorial because there are different proposals through which we want to activate the sense of smell, hearing, taste and touch".


Even the claim or slogan itself of this week dedicated to Malvasia illustrates the golden age of this unique wine: The Mark of the Legacy. Alba is very passionate when she explains it: "We have a living legacy, which never stops, which moves forward and leaves its mark; that's why we want to de-fossilize the possible image of an ancient or bygone wine".


Tastings are undoubtedly one of the main activities during this Malvasia Week. And it is one of the most educational and natural ways to discover or learn more about this wine. In fact, the CIM offers a permanent tasting program under the inspiring name of Malvasia Power.  But there is one tasting that is particularly attractive: the opening of the first bottles of Malvasia that were submerged, in June of this year, in the Port d'Aiguadolç Marina to see how they aged on the seabed. This is an experiential tasting for professionals, which also illustrates the CIM's commitment to R+D.


As we mentioned, the program also includes numerous proposals for the general public, many of them with a range of different senses involved, such as a moonlight tasting with live classical music or a tasting with a perfume workshop related to Malvasia's aroma.


The program also engages the little ones through two children's workshops: one at the CIM headquarters itself and organized by Museus de Sitges (Museums of Sitges), illustrating glasses, and another at the Roig i Raventós Library, with a very special story related to the grape harvest. In addition, during that week, at many of Sitges' restaurants you will be able to taste Sitges Malvasia by the glass. So, as you can see, the legacy of this wine and the mark it has made extends throughout the entire town. Just let yourself be carried away by your senses,

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