Turisme Sitges

Corpus Sitges 2022

From June 17th to 26th, the streets of the traditional Procession procession will be adorned with damask, banners and photographs representative of the Corpus Christi festival.



Sociedad Recreativa el Retiro Gardens



From early morning to noon

Making the flower carpets in different streets of Sitges


Flower carpets 2022 Street participants


Sitges Red Cross
Baluard Square

Sitges Barça Supporters Club
Mirador Miquel Utrillo

Sitges Popular Dance Group
Calm Corner

Port of Sitges - Aiguadolç
Carrer Sant Joan

Colla Jove de Castellers de Sitges
Carrer Davallada

Green Apple
Barcelona Street

Neighbors of Santiago Rusiñol Street
Santiago Rusiñol Street

Esteve Barrachina School
5th Section Carrer Jesús

Casino Prado Suburense
4th Section Carrer Jesús

Miquel Marzal
3rd Section Carrer Jesús

Camil Roca
2nd Section Carrer Jesus

Victor Cifuentes
1st Section Carrer Jesús

Colla Drac Sitges
Cap de la Vila

Sitges Pia School
1st Section Carrer Parellades

CEIP Miquel Utrillo
2nd Section Carrer Parellades

CEIP Maria Ossó
3rd Section Carrer Parellades

Neighbors of Bonaire Street
Bonaire Street

Sitges Sea Club
1st Section Passeig de la Ribera

Colors Sitges Link
2nd Section Passeig de la Ribera

Carnival Commission
3rd Section Passeig de la Ribera

Neighbors of St. Paul's - Richmond International School
Carrer Sant Pau

Ariadna Font-Rosa Junyent
1st Section of Carrer Major

Omnium Garraf
2nd Section of Carrer Major

Of Snakes and Balconies
3rd Section of Carrer Major

Rosa Peris
4th Section Carrer Major

Friends of Carrer de l'Aigua
5th Section of Carrer Major

Promotion of Sitges
6th Section of Carrer Major

IES Vinyet
7th Street Major Section

Joan Ramon Benaprès Institute
8th Section of Carrer Major

CEIP Agnès de Sitges
Town hall Square


10am to 2pm Exhibition `L'Ou com balla´
Maricel Palace
Free entrance


7pm Holy Mass
Parish Church

Holy Sacrament Procession
Route: Baluarte, Mirador Miquel Utrillo, Rincón de la Calma, Fonollar, San Juan, Bajada, Barcelona, Santiago Rusiñol, Jesús, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Bonaire, Paseo de la Ribera, San Pablo, Parellades, Cap de la Vila , Mayor, plaza del Ayuntamiento y Baluard.


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