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Els Pastorets

Performances on 28th December

"El primer Nadal dels Pastors", an original work by Mn. Rossend Fortunet y Busquets, was performed for the first time in Sitges in 1932, and with the contributions and musical and literary arrangements of local artists, it has become consolidated as a reference Christmas play: "Els Pastorets de Sitges".

The Asociación Teatral Els Pastorets de Sitges" will be performing it on 23 and 28 December 2023 in the theatre of the Casino Prado Suburense (c/Francesc Gumà, 6), at the modest price of 10€.

It is a highly recommended play for audiences aged 10 to 85 (and older, and younger, too!). It is recommended to be enjoyed with the family.


More information and ticket sales here.



23th December 2023 at 18:30 h
28th December 2023 at 21:30 h

Teatro Prado

938 94 31 10

  • Pastorets 2023


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