Sitges Tourism

The Sitges Tourism Sustainability Plan receives €5M from the Next Generation funds.

This contribution to the Town Council, certified by the Official State Gazette, will help to reinforce the positioning of the Sitges brand as a sustainable destination.

Sitges will receive €5M from the European Next Generation funds to develop the Sitges Destination Tourism Sustainability Plan. The aim of this contribution is to consolidate the town as a sustainable tourist reference and almost all the projects will be carried out in three years.

Specifically, the actions to be developed are the system for reusing water from the Sitges - Sant Pere de Ribes wastewater treatment plant (€1,072,600); and the conservation and improvement of flora, fauna and wetlands to adapt to climate change (€582,651). Also to be carried out will be the road network and the development of two-way cycle lanes (€1,651,575); the decarbonisation programme for companies in the tourism sector (€45,000); the implementation of an intelligent parking system (€277,000); the Sitges tourism intelligence system and event management system (€870. 000); improving accessibility and carrying out actions to move towards inclusive tourism (€152,174); the development of the Sitges portfolio of products and resources (€149,000) and the technical assistance management system for the development of the Sitges Tourism Sustainability Plan (€200,000).

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