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ReciclArt reaches its seventh edition

The contest will be held from June 9 to July 9 with the aim of highlighting the use of recycled materials

Sitges ReciclArt 2023, the festival dedicated to recycling and responsible art, will open this Friday, July 9 at 7:00 p.m., and will last until July 9 with the programming of a collective exhibition as the main activity, and two Parallel activities.
Although ReciclArt reaches its seventh edition, since it was not organized last year, the festival maintains the same philosophy as always to sensitize citizens about the importance of promoting recycling and promoting a change in habits to achieve a healthier planet. sustainable and responsible consumption so that there is less pollution.
In total, in the collective exhibition a selection of 43 works (among sculptures, paintings and collage) created with waste and recycled materials by 23 artists from Sitges, the rest of Catalonia and other countries will be able to be seen. The creations deal with themes such as climate change, pollution of the seas and oceans, recycling or awareness of the loss of biodiversity, among others.
The curator of the Sitges ReciclArt 2023 exhibition and president of Drap-Art, Tanja Grass, remarks that "after a year of hiatus, the ReciclArt festival returns to its festival format in 2023 with a large group exhibition at the Miramar-Cultural Center and complementary activities. The contest once again makes us aware of the poor state of health of the planet through art. It does so, specifically, with works and pieces that have been made without leaving a negative impact on the Earth, by recycling and reusing objects and materials that have already completed their life cycle."
Among the participating artists is the Canadian Marie Lalo who makes collages with all kinds of paper and with which she has created her own technique that looks like painting. The self-taught artist, Sílvia Bofarull Boschsacoma, creates boats with the logs and waste -that she finds on the beach- to recycle. The art of recycling can also be seen in the creations of African artists such as Patrick Tagoe-Turkson who works with plastic waste and rubber to make an environmental complaint. His creations with flip-flops make it possible to make a kind of very abstract tapestries. Also the African artist, Johnson Zuze, wants to sensitize the population about the importance of preserving the health and sustainability of the planet. In addition, he builds his work from apparently useless pieces and discarded materials such as wire, glass, plastic or rubber that become authentic pieces of art. Like Johnson Zuze, Nicholas Maas creates elephant-like animals out of recycled traffic signs that wiggle their ears.
In the collective exhibition, you will be able to see the work of the creator Miquel Aparici, a reference person in the art of converting obsolete objects, and who is now returning to Sitges to exhibit 3 original works of art: a whale, a bat and a sheep. The Barcelona sculptor creates animals from recycled materials such as iron and wood to build pieces of singular expressive force. The artist exhibited his particular and creative zoo through the retrospective exhibition 'Protected Species' that was installed at the Miramar-Cultural Center from January 14 to March 1, 2020 within the framework of La Pregonera.
The projects of Rani Bruchstein, a self-taught artist, deal with the relationship between human beings and nature, while another self-taught artist, Luis Cebaqueva, explores the link between human beings, the environment, sustainability, and industrialized society through different industrial and cultural techniques.
The artist, Jordi López-Alert, graduated in Fine Arts and born in Capellades, developed a series of poetic and contemporary works with reused paper bags in Michigan. This is the starting point of his later proposals through which he also claims the contemporaneity of traditional techniques such as drawing, painting and engraving in a world dominated by digital images, almost always using reused supports. His works are based on recycled or cardboard packaging and reflect his interest in the environment, industrial society, the landscape and everything that surrounds him, and how it affects and conditions human life.
Art is the vehicle through which the artist Ignat C. de Michaelis denounces the pollution created by oil. His work made with a barrel of crude oil, which has a lid decorated with gold leaf, shows the value of oil.
The exhibition allows you to see a selection of sculptures, paintings and collages made by different creators from Sitges, the rest of Catalonia and other countries such as Canada, Germany, Turkey, Ghana, Burkina Faso, among others.
The participating authors this year in the Sitges ReciclArt 2023 exhibition are: Hatice Rana Tarhangil Karadayi, Jana Álvarez, Anna Almendro, Miquel Aparici, Juan Carlos Beneyto, Rani Bruchstein, Juda Muñoz, Luis Cebaqueva, Sol Courreges Boné de la Torre, Norberto Fuentes , Vicky Gómez Talaya, Marie Lalo, Jordi López-Alert, Nicolas Maas, Ignato C de Michaelis, Albert Negredo, José María Pastó, Joaquín Riera, Enrique Servera Carreras, Jorge Traverso, Patrick Tagoe-Turkson, Boukaré Bonkoungou, Johnson Zuze and Silvia Bofarull.
The Sitges ReciclArt is organized by the Sitges City Council and Drap-Art, with the collaboration of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Center for Sea Studies (CEM), OOA Gallery of Sitges, Villa del Arte Galleries and artAmore Silos.
Free parallel activities: environmental awareness workshop for institutes and guided tours of the exhibition
Within the framework of Sitges ReciclArt 2023, an environmental awareness workshop will be organized for ESO students from institutes in the town and guided tours of the exhibition.
Nearly 200 girls and boys from the Joan Ramon Benaprès Institute, the Vinyet Institute and the Escola Pia, will participate in the workshop through which they will work with disused advertising banners and banners that have been donated by the Sitges City Council, to create elements decorations for the courtyard of the Sant Joan Baptista Hospital. This activity, taught by the multidisciplinary artist, Jana Álvarez, will be complemented with a visit to the group exhibition at the Miramar-Cultural Center.
Likewise, there will also be guided tours of the exhibition that will be open to the general public. In order to attend, it is necessary to call the mobile number 639 702 377 and make a prior reservation.


Collective exhibition Sitges ReciclArt 2023
From June 9 to July 9, 2023
Miramar-Cultural Center
Free entrance

Guided tours to the collective exhibition ReciclArt 2023
Open to the general public
Prior reservation: 639 702 377
Miramar-Cultural Center




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