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The Rua del Extermini marks one of the final acts of Sitges Carnival

The most spectacular costumes were on show for the second and last time this year with 39 floats and more than 2,000 participants.

The Rua del Extermini brought the most multitudinous events of the Sitges Carnival to a close. The float of Carnestoltes, Big Mag Cigalupi, accompanied by his retinue of Panxampla's, opened an entourage that since 9 pm has filled Sitges with music and dance, with the possibility of seeing again the most spectacular costumes and the most 'fardo sitgetà' along the 39 participating floats.


This Tuesday, behind Carnestoltes were the collas of the Retiro, followed by those of the Grup de Independents and finally those of the Prado. The Queen of Carnival, Mimí Château, with her retinue from the Orchards, closed a Rua del Extermini that displayed joy and good humour from the Paseig de la Ribera to the Cap de la Vila.


From early Wednesday morning, the special cleaning plan has been in operation, with priority being given to waste collection and the subsequent cleaning of the parade circuit and the centre of the town with non-potable water.


Today, Ash Wednesday, Carnival closes with the Burial of His Majesty King Carnestoltes, who this year has been the Rei Big Mag Cigalupi. The funeral procession will leave the Casino Prado and will end at the Fragata beach, where His Majesty's testament will be read. Beforehand, the Queen will also take part in the Burial with a mourning formation that will leave the Retiro.

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