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The beach season kicks off in Sitges on March 23rd

It is estimated that 100% of the services on the beaches will be available in June, which will be deployed progressively.
The first beach bars have already begun preparations, after the Generalitat has authorised the Plan of Uses and Exploitation of Services.

The beach season will start this year on 23 March, coinciding with the start of Easter, and will last until 13 October. Almost seven months during which Sitgetans and visitors will be able to enjoy the services offered by the town's beaches, including the lifeguard and lifeguard service, the beach bars and the sun loungers.


Beach services such as restaurants, sun loungers, awnings and water sports, among others, will be progressively deployed until June when they are expected to be 100% available. In this sense, the installation of the first beach bars has begun in order to have the structures ready for Easter.


The lifeguard service will also be operational at Easter. From 23 March to 1 April the service will be open from 12 noon to 6 p.m. on the beaches of La Ribera, La Fragata, Sant Sebastià, Garraf and Les Botigues. During the month of May the service will be offered on the beaches of La Ribera, La Fragata and Bassa Rodona and from 7 June it will be available on all beaches. During the high season, the lifeguard service will operate from 10am to 7pm.


To keep the beaches clean, recycling points are also installed to prevent waste from ending up in the sea. Along the same lines, Sitges Town Council has extended the contract for the coastal cleaning service, which collects floating solid waste from the sea off the Sitges coast.

The beaches of Sant Sebastià and La Fragata remain smoke-free this year, although smoking is permitted on the terraces of the beach bars.


With regard to showers and footbaths, the same measure as last season has been maintained, although this year they will no longer be installed due to the drought emergency situation.


New beach association


This year sees the renewal of the Association of Sitges Beach Services Contractors, which aims to work in a coordinated manner. It is made up of 16 representatives of the beach concessions, and is chaired by Albert Estragués.

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