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'Yes, to Sitges', Yes to solidarity, sustainability and health security

Sustainability and health security are the attributes that we’ve now added to this campaign as two social values that reinforce the Sitges brand as a tourist destination.

'Yes, to Sitges', the new tourism recovery campaign promoted by the Town Council’s Department of Tourism, continues moving forward to give even greater visibility to the dozens of solidarity actions that the tourism sector has organized to mitigate the impact of the effects of Covid-19 on people in a higher risk group or with difficulties.


Sitges' reputation also lies in giving visibility to solidarity actions and getting to know the spirit, ingenuity and volunteer effort of many people first-hand. Dozens of actions, people and companies from the tourism sector have been chosen to make it clear that Sitges is also a supportive destination.

These initiatives are being explained directly by their key players and range from food delivery to healthcare workers, producing masks or handling purchases for those who are housebound.


Sustainability and health security

Added to this new step to make progress in the dissemination of the attributes that reinforce the Sitges brand as a tourist destination with very deep-rooted social values are two more: sustainability and health security. The Mayor of Sitges, Aurora Carbonell, pointed out that "a new stage will be starting soon marked by a progressive pullback on restrictions over the next two months. It’s time to think YES and to underpin the attributes that also make Sitges such a great destination".


Sitges is a sustainable destination, with international certifications that guarantee it, such as the Biosphere Certification, which seeks to attract visitors with a special interest in applying a tourism model that is environmentally friendly to the maximum.


Dozens of daily actions on behalf of both the public and private sectors ensure that this attribute of sustainability isn’t just some slogan in Sitges. It’s a palpable reality that will be demonstrated via different actions all throughout the 'Yes, to Sitges' campaign.


And finally, health security and health-based guidelines will be pointed out periodically and the measures that Sitges will be taking and recommending will be explained in accordance with the decisions made by the health authorities. This is work that is being carried out along with the private sector.

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