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Discover Sitges From the Sea

Sitges can only be understood and explained from the sea, from the relationship it has with the blue backdrop that caresses it every day of the year. That's why it's always a good idea to venture into the Mediterranean and discover the town from a different point of view... and with a different pulse, of course.

The writer Karen Blixen, famous above all for her book 'Out of Africa', said that "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." And if you come to Sitges, heading into the sea is undoubtedly therapeutic: it refreshes you, connects you and disconnects you -depending on what you need- and allows you to see the town from the outside, from another point of view.


The most natural and popular way to connect with the sea in Sitges is on foot and then going for a swim, especially now that summer is approaching. We have 17 beaches to make that entrance and enjoy that other perspective. Depending on the one you choose, you can enjoy a more urban and iconic skyline, with the Point (Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla church) as the protagonist, wilder (Dead Man’s Beach) or with a view of the Garraf Park. Plus at some of them, whether you wear a swimsuit or not is optional (Desenrocada, Dead Man's Beach or Balmins, for example). And at one of them, in Vallcarca, you can even swim with your pet.




But as usual and as with almost everything in Sitges, there are always different ways of doing things. Maybe you prefer to discover some of Sitges' coves by kayak. In fact, it's a great idea. Plus, we recommend a route that we already explained in another post: the one that departs from Les Anquines Beach and that, heading towards Vilanova, passes by some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in Sitges: Playa de l’Home Mort or Dead Man’s Beach, Desenrocada Beach or Cala Xica.




If you say Kayaking, you also mean Paddle surf, of course. The position changes, but not the emotion of sinking the paddle into the water and smiling non-stop. Whether you choose a board or a kayak, there are several companies that offer this service.


We've talked about paddle surf boards. But if your thing are the waves and you prefer not to paddle, your place is Aiguadolç Beach -also known as the Marina Beach. If you watch this video, you’ll have no way out ;)


If you're more into boats, well, in Sitges you'll also find different companies that rent them. And if you don't have a skipper's license, no worries, none at all. In Sitges you can pilot a boat with a capacity for up to 5 people. Where? In the Port de Sitges - Aiguadolç Marina. Is it worth it? We'll explain it to you here, but hey, you can probably already imagine the answer, right?


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Well, anyway, as we said: Sitges, from the sea, is always a good idea. Good and approaching awesome.


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