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Sitges in 2023, a Fantastic Plan No Matter When You Come

New Year's resolution: to come (or return) to Sitges. A fantastic plan no matter how you look at it, and no matter when you come. That's the Sitges advantage: it always surprises you and always awaits you with a vibrant cultural calendar in addition to its own continual attractions in this privileged corner of the Mediterranean.

Well of course, include a visit to Sitges in your to-do list for 2023. If it's your first time, you'll love it, and if you've already been here, the charm is still there, as you'll see. Whichever the case, coming to Sitges is always a fantastic plan, no matter what time of year it is. Here are ten reasons so your only doubt will be who to come with ;)


  1. Beaches where you can swim, walk, eat or have a drink.
    Yes, in Sitges we have plenty of beaches of every kind. Urban, wild, family-oriented, fun, atmospheric and, very importantly, with flavor: enjoying the views while having a drink or a bite to eat at one of the beach bars is an essential experience.

  2. Unique stores...that never close.
    Going shopping in Sitges is always a good idea. First, because it's all about unique stores, with personality and personalized service. And secondly, because they don't close on Sundays or even holidays. So, like we said: no matter when you come, Sitges’ stores will be waiting for you.

  3. Music all year round.
    Sitges has (a lot of) rhythm. And all very diverse. In fact, it adapts to you. If you're into jazz, the Jazz Antic Festival is a benchmark in Catalonia - it's held in April. If you like pop and rock, the Jardins de Terramar Festival regularly brings both established and emerging artists and groups every summer. Are you into guitars? Then you should be interested in the Mediterranean Guitar Festival and its concerts at the Sant Sebastià Chapel. In addition, we like musical crossbreeding. The best example: the Creative Connexions Ireland Festival, which usually takes place in October and brings the most traditional and avant-garde sounds of Ireland to our town.

  4. Museums, exhibitions and cultural events for all audiences and tastes.
    Sun and sand, yes, but also Modernisme and Romanticism, Noucentisme and contemporary art. Sitges is culture and has some of the most important museums around the Mediterranean, including the Cau Ferrat, the Maricel Museum and the Stämpfli Foundation. All of them located in Sitges' old town, a marvel that makes the walk a visual delight. Oh, and if you come in summer, you can't miss the program organized by Museus de Sitges, Sitgestiu Cultural.

  5. Unique nature.
    Few Mediterranean cities can boast having a nature reserve as spectacular as the Garraf Park. It is a unique ecosystem, still largely unknown, and ideal for family outings (to the Olivella Castle or the Holy Trinity Chapel, for example), going to an observatory to see the stars or discovering horses in the wild.

  6. Unforgettable gastronomy. Well, yes, you can also eat extremely well in Sitges. There are many restaurants that are committed to locally-sourced and Km 0 products. The result are local and essential dishes such as Sitgetan-style rice or Xató.

  7. Sitges Malvasia wine and even gin made here.
    You can eat very well here. And you can drink just as well and with a specific D.O. On the one hand we have a golden and fruity legacy that is Sitges Malvasia wine, which pairs well with everything. And on the other hand, for before or after a meal, Sitges has launched its own Gin: Paó de Sitges, made from botanicals from the Garraf Park.

  8. Sports on land, at sea and in the air.
    Sitges gets you in shape, both mentally and physically. To give your body some rhythm, there are many options: walking, running, pedaling or rollerblading along the seafront promenade or practicing (or trying out) water sports at the Aiguadolç - Port de Sitges Marina, for example. Or how about a bike route through vineyards? Or discovering coves by kayak?

  9. A cinematic city, literally.
    Sitges is straight out of a movie.On the one hand, it has served as a set for numerous commercials and films. On the other hand, it is home to the world’s number one fantastic film festival, the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

  10. Traditions that are a benchmark.
    To the rest of Sitges' natural, gastronomic and cultural attractions we must also add its traditions, which in many cases transcend the town itself. Among them, without a doubt, the Sitges Carnival, one of the most important in Europe. Or Corpus Christi, in May, when the streets of the town center are covered with colorful flower carpets: simply spectacular. Nor should you miss the Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally in March. And of course, there are several other festivals that are not to be missed: the Festival of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the great festival of the sea -in August- and the Sant Bartomeu Festa Major -at the end of August- and the Santa Tecla Festival, in September.



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