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Sail in Sitges without a license and at your own pace

Sitges is a beautiful town, no matter where you see it from. But it’s true that if your view is from the sea and aboard a boat that can accommodate up to 5 people and for which you don't need a license... once again, the plan becomes an awesome one. All aboard, and we'll fill you in on the details!

Before the excitement, the information. Our excursion departs from the Port de Sitges Aiguadolç Marina, where the different boats managed by César, in charge of the company Navega Sin Título, are moored. The starting point is important because, as we've already explained on several occasions, we're talking about one of Sitges' social and dining epicenters, easily accessible on foot from the town center and with a personality of its own that makes it an essential visit.


Once we arrived on site, specifically at the moorings located just behind the restaurants, César was waiting for us to get down to serious business. Yes, serious, because being able to sail without a license doesn't imply sailing anyway you want. Safety is a priority and for that we need to be responsible, appeal to our common sense and follow some basic but obligatory rules. The first and foremost: we cannot come within 200 meters of any beach or cove with swimmers with our boat. Equally important, for our safety, is to completely shut down the engine before diving into the sea for a swim.


Having assimilated these basic rules, and after a quick navigating course - ignition, 'neutral', forwards and backwards, at different speeds - we left the port and started to make decisions: to our left, Morisca Cove and the cliffs that run parallel to the Garraf coastal road. And to our right, and following in order, Balmins, Sant Sebastià Beach, the iconic Sant Bartomeu Church, the entire Passeig Marítim seafront promenade to Terramar and, from there, we can still continue to the Vilanova lighthouse passing by Home Mort Beach and Desenrocada Beach.



It’s feasible to do both routes in two hours, which is the minimum rental time. But you can also opt for a half day (4 hours) or even a full day (8). The longer the time, the more options to enjoy Sitges' skyline and to drop anchor (literally) so you can swim when and where you want. And speaking of options, César and his crew add the option of sailing with a captain (and with a capacity for up to eight people) to that of sailing without a license.


In any event, the experience is spectacular: you set your own course and speed, and the breeze and the sea adapt to you. You look to one side, and Sitges greets you. You look to the other side, and the Mediterranean colors your eyes blue with golden reflections. You take a deep breath and you get goosebumps. A description based on real events and experienced by more than one 'crew' member...

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