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We’re Waiting for You…

We’re getting closer. In fact, it’s just a matter of days and we’ll be able to welcome the first visitors, from the province of Barcelona for the moment, from the rest of Catalonia and Spain soon afterwards and from other countries starting on July 1st. Just thinking about it puts a smile on our face. Remember that the duration of the lockdown is directly proportional to how much we’re looking forward to making up for lost time. We’re really looking forward to reliving Sitges with you.


In Sitges, we’re already waiting for you. It’s going to be great for you to visit us. For you to come. For you to eat with us, for you to take a walk, go for a swim, get lost and discover hidden corners, for you to laugh and smile. The wait has been long. "A house without you is an office" , Joaquín Sabina used to sing. Without you, Sitges has been a spring with no color. But the gray times are over now...


You may think that it’s only natural that from the official website of Sitges’ department of tourism we always insist that it’s worth coming to Sitges. Okay, yeah, fine. But the thing is that we love our job. Yes, it happens sometimes... ;)


Luckily, this is a shared pleasure: Sitges has captured the hearts of many people. And giving them a voice is the best publicity possible (because it’s authentic, because it’s sincere). All of them are ambassadors of this small corner of the Mediterranean that, for different reasons, once seduced them and continues to seduce them now (love ‘in progress’). It doesn't matter whether they were born here or not. They are all from Sitges.


Among these ambassadors, we find from influencers such as Marta Sanahuja (gastronomy), Sheila Tabernero (family leisure) or Leila Garcia (family trips), to chefs like Oriol Castro, and including journalists such as Jaume Freixes, audiovisual translators and cultural agitators like Darryl Clark, Spanish Trial champions like Mónica Vives and musicians like Ramon Mirabet. All of them put words to their love of Sitges in this video that is even more powerful now, and that increases optimism in the fact that yes, you’ll be able to come. Yes, we’re going to have a great time together. Yes, to Sitges ;)

Marta Sanahuja


Mirabet himself, who the shutdown has found recovering from a broken fibula, shares this intense longing to get back out and bring the streets back to life. “The first thing I did as soon as we were allowed was go to the beach to walk barefoot while looking out at the sea." And what are you going to do starting now? Well, just go with the flow: take a walk, have a drink and talk to people". Because this musician, son of another musician and grandson of artists, knows where the talent is: “The best thing about Sitges is the people: it doesn't matter if you’re coming or going, what you’re like or why you came. You’re always welcome here, the neighbors are generous and you feel part of a group right away”. And then there’s the rhythm of Sitges: “It’s incredible how many activities are organized here throughout the year. Things are always going on. And for all of them, the locals get involved in a decisive way, which is something that gives the town so much life”.

Ramon Mirabet is a musical nomad who, when he finishes his tours, has a home in Sitges. And here he is now. Looking forward to starting off on the right foot after this long lockdown (sorry about the pun, Ramon). Maybe when you come, you’ll be able to see him in concert. Or having a drink, or out walking or talking to people. And you’ll see him happy. Because he’s looking forward to it. Like we are. And like you, right?




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  1. Moderador
    4 June 2020
    Hola Patricia,

    A día de hoy debido al estado de alarma y según publicado en el Boletín Oficial del Estado, solo se podrá viajar a España en los siguientes casos:
    Solo se permitirá la entrada en el territorio nacional a través de las fronteras interiores a las siguientes personas: a) Ciudadanos españoles. b) Residentes en España, que deberán acreditar su residencia habitual. c) Residentes en otros Estados miembros o Estados asociados Schengen que se dirijan a su lugar de residencia. d) Trabajadores transfronterizos. e) Profesionales sanitarios o del cuidado de mayores que se dirijan a ejercer su actividad laboral. f) Quienes vayan a permanecer en territorio español por cualquier otro motivo exclusivamente laboral, incluidos los trabajadores de temporada, siempre que se acredite documentalmente. g) Aquellas q que acrediten documentalmente causas de fuerza mayor o situación de necesidad.

    Además por el momento hay establecido un período de 14 días de cuarentena.

    Igualmente te recomendamos que contactes con el consulado de Italia en Barcelona ha creado la siguiente cuenta para ampliar cualquier información: o que visites el web de la Generalitat de Catalunya para más información: ,

    ¡Esperamos que la situación evolucione rápido y favorablemente para puedas venir pronto a visitarnos!
  2. Patricia Ratto
    4 June 2020
    Buenos dias.
    Son 6 años que paso mis vacaciones en Sitges en la segunda quincena de junio. Vivo en Italia. En Udine. Saben decirme si podré venir también este verano con la situación Covid?
    Tendría que venir desde el 10 de junio al 30 de junio.