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First Legume Days in Sitges restaurants

From February 19th to March 3rd

15 restaurants of Sitges will be taking part in the First Legume Days in Sitges restaurants, recommending one or more dishes from their menus with this ingredient as the main ingredient.


  • Acqua - Chickpeas with Garraf beans and codfish
  • Cocina de Sitges - Cappelletti stuffed with lentils, mushrooms and pecan nuts, served with vegetable consommé.
  • Dosa Nova - Masala Dosa with King Dhal
  • El Vivero - Hake with beans or tripe with chickpeas
  • Hibou - Pâté en croûte of legumes (lentils, chickpeas and beans) vegetables and herbs
  • La Nansa - Chickpeas and beans with poached egg at low temperature
  • La Oca - Pocha beans with clams
  • La Salseta - 'Mongetes del ganxet' with cabbage and cod innards
  • Marenostrum - Chickpea stew with vegetables
  • Mascarón - Chickpeas with crabs and galleys in seafood style
  • Merci - Chickpeas with prawns
  • PicNic - Galician style octopus on a white bean purée
  • Sofía - Smoked Potato Cream with Bacon Jelly and Braised Lentils


  • Jornades-de-les-Llegums
  • La Nansa
  • Llegums Rt Sitges
  • Llegums Rt Sitges1


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