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Emancipation by Rewa (virtual show)

REWA was born and raised between Nigeria and England and received a BSc. in Physiology and Pharmacology from University College London (UCL). Never having received formal art training, she is self-taught and developed her innate talent from a very early age.

She finds that her spirit is moved by what she refers to as "depicted sentience" and through the celebration of the female form and bright, vivid colours. “My subject matter is woman, I celebrate her in many forms. I use traditional materials, ink, acrylic paints and brush on paper or on canvas, to capture an essence, making the paint assemble and the ink announce.”


Oluwole Omofemi’s work can best be described in his own words, ‘unapologetic’.
His muses; black women depicted with skin as dark and rich as the oil that serves as the lifeblood of the artist’s home country of Nigeria, are adorned with deep tribal marks, and crowned with engulfing halo-esque afros that are reminiscent of past martyrs of the black power movement that swept the global African diaspora in the late 1960’s right through to the early 1980’s.

Oluwole’s depiction of untamed manes, midnight hue skin, and deep, penetrating tribal marks is a rallying cry against what he views as the deterioration of the pride and self esteem amongst his ‘black sisters’ today; both in Nigeria, and abroad, whom he believes have been most subjected by post-colonial indoctrination and pandering to Western society’s ideal of beauty and civilisation.



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  • Emancipation by Rewa


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