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The Tapa a Tapa 2024 is won by the restaurants Fragata and Pierre Sitges

The "Fals caneló d’escamarlà i bolets deseason", from the Fragata, took the first prize from the technical jury and the "Tartare à la parisienne", from the Pierre Sitges, the first prize from the popular jury.

The tapa Fals caneló d'escamarlà i bolets deseasona from the Fragata restaurant is the winner of the 13th edition of the Tapa a Tapa according to the technical jury, formed by the Senat Gastronòmic del Garraf and teachers and students from the Hospitality School of the Joan Ramon Benaprès institute. The second award-winning tapa is the Tartare à la parisienne, from Pierre Sitges, while the third is El ball del Camarón, from the Vento restaurant located in the Sunway hotel. In parallel with the selection of professionals, a popular jury voted for their favorite tapas using an application. The evaluations coincided closely with those of the technical jury and they awarded the first prize to the Tartare from the Pierre Sitges restaurant. The second place went to the Fals caneló from the Fragata and the third classified tapa was T’ho fem ben bo!, from the Amb Gust restaurant.


The chefs from the 33 establishments participating in this contest have demonstrated their culinary talent by creating the best tapas in Sitges, using local, seasonal and healthy products, with the aim that both locals and visitors can enjoy their creations.


The Councilor for Tourism, Brandon Jones, presented the first prize of the popular jury and wanted to thank the participation of all the people, entities and companies that have promoted this contest. He also recalled that in 2025 Catalonia will be a world region of gastronomy and that in this sense “the City Council has created a working group, a food and wine commission, to see how we can take advantage of Sitges. Furthermore, competitions like this one make an enormous contribution in this direction, enhancing the creative spirit of professionals in the sector, both in the presentation of the tapas and in the recipes.”


The 13th edition of Sitges Tapa a Tapa was held from April 4 to 14 and was attended by 33 establishments that sold more than 33,000 tapas in 10 days. This represents a growth of almost 6% compared to last year. The Sitges Tapa a Tapa is organized by the Gremi d’Hostaleria de Sitges with the support of the City Council, and has the collaboration of the Joan Ramon Benaprès institute and Estrella Damm and Gastronosfera as sponsors. The success of this edition consolidates the event in the municipality, highlighting the gastronomic profession and the importance of hospitality and tourism in Sitges.



*Winners of the Technical Jury:
• First Prize: Fals caneló d’escamarlà i bolets de temporada, Fragata
• Second Prize: Tartare à la parisiense, Pierre Sitges
• Third Prize: El ball del Camarón, Vento (Hotel Sunway)
• Runners-up:

Éclair de guisat de vedella, Cau del Vinyet
Alfajor d’albergínia, Merci Sitges

*Winners of the Popular Jury:
• First Prize: Tartare à la parisiense, Pierre Sitges
• Second Prize: Fals caneló d’escamarlà i bolets de temporada, Fragata
• Third Prize: T’ho fem ben bo!, Amb Gust

Salmontadito, Infinity (Hotel Calipolis)
El ball del Camarón, Vento (Hotel Sunway)

  • guanyadors
  • 24 Pierre
  • 09 Fragata
  • fragata primer premi jurat tècnic
  • pierre primer premi jurat popular


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