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Family theatre: "Alícia al país dels mòbils"

La Pregonera 2024

By Marta Buchaca

On Alice's tenth birthday, she is given her first mobile phone. But the white rabbit steals it and she will have to travel through Wonderland until she reaches the palace of mobiles to get it back. Will she succeed? With this journey, Alicia realises that she can't live as she has been living until now, that hooked to her mobile phone she loses the value of communication with the people around her. Musical comedy about the use of mobile phones among children based on a free version of Lewis Carroll's classic.


General admission: 10 €.
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age: from 6 years old
Organised by: Ajuntament de Sitges




Teatre Prado

  • Alicia al pais dels mobils


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