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Artisanal fishing techniques and seasonal tastings

The Sitges fishermen's guild will explain the traditional fishing methods they use to catch fish and the importance of consuming fresh local produce. We will reflect on the current situation and difficulties of the fishing sector and on how to contribute to the conservation of the natural environment through responsible consumption habits.

The fishermen of the Sitges fishermen's guild work only with traditional fishing gear. Their philosophy is to bring quality products to the market and develop their trade with sustainability criteria.

We will learn about the fishing gear used by the fishermen's guild and the types of fish they catch each season. We will also have the opportunity to hear first-hand the fishermen's views on the difficulties that the fishing sector is facing and which are endangering its continuity.

Finally, we will enjoy a seafood tasting cooked with fresh fish from the fishermen's guild as a sample of typical fishermen's cuisine with seasonal fish.

The tasting will consist of fried fish, which will depend on the catch, but will include Mediterranean species such as forkbeard, palaya, moixina or fanega, which are currently gaining in commercial and culinary value.


The meeting point will be at 11 am at the CEM (Passeig Marítim, 72, Sitges).

11:00h - 12:00h: Welcome, presentation of the activity and introduction to traditional fishing in Sitges.

12:00h - 13:00h: Tasting of seasonal fish and closing of the activity.


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